Market Segmentation: To Create Greater Customer Value

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If you want your message to hit the target, make an adjustment to the wind. 

Vadim Kotelnikov



Invented in 2001, Ten3 Business e-Coach
has customers all around the World and licensed trainers in 50+ countries.

The Tree of Online Success

 To create greater value for diverse groups of users
and help people succeed and thrive,
I have gradually built
synergistic network of diversified e-coaching sites.

Customer Care

Each site focuses on a chosen set of life values and/or business interests.

Together with partners, we synergized e-Coach and Cimcoin
to create further value for people and build an amazing an joyful e-world CimJoy.

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Success 360


Holistic approach to personal and business success


Smart tips from life and business from great achievers

Innovarsity - free online innovation university


Online innovation university

Leader360 - leadership e-coach, tips, free advice


Leadership e-coach and tips

InsBeCo - inspirational busines e-Coach


Inspirational business e-coach

Fun4Biz innovative social network for business, fun, entrepreneurial creativity contests


Innovative social network for creative entrepreneurs

Innoball - Innovation Football strategic simulation game


Innovation Football ‒ a simulation game for radical projects

Innompics - Innompic Internet Games for Innovators


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One World One Way Many Paths


Uniting the World while admiring its cultural diversity

Inhale Love - loving and inspiring website


Live all-inclusive love

Happy Victor free e-coach, advice, videos


Be happy and win ‒ always!

Feed4Soul - feed for soul, love, kindless, wisdom, spiritual website


Spiritual guidance, eternal values for your life symphony

Emforgaphics - EMotional Infographics


Emotional infographics for instant and lasting inspiration

Cimcoin - mobile certification, digital gold


Breakthrough authentication technology and digital gold  >>>

eRaritet - proven digital raritets, advanced certification technology


Authentication of unique / rare digital objects

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