Vadim Kotelnikov    

10 Commandments of Innovation

Have a Big Dream  ●  Love Your Customers  ●  Be Creative and Innopreneurial


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Have a Dream

Create an inspiring vision  >>>

Focus on your core competences and competitive advantage

Develop a vision-focused innovation strategy

Inspire Your Team

Communicate your strategic intent and launch a crusade

Create an inspiring culture, make business fun

Inspire, empower and energize people

Focus on Customers

Strive to create innovative value for your customer

Practice customer-driven innovation to create customers

Involve customers in your new product development Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book process  >>>

Be Different

Surprise to win, think outside the box  >>>

Strive to change the name of the game introduce radical innovations  >>>

Differentiate yourself and your product  >>>

Question Everything

Challenge assumptions, ask "Why?" and "What If?" questions constantly

Ask a lot of searching questions, create a culture of questioning

Question and reassess past decisions


Build your cross-functional expertise and systems thinking skills

Build and lead a cross-functional team

Cross-pollinate ideas, leverage diversity, create synergies  >>>

Establish the Process

Provide strategic alignment and guiding principles

Design a business model; establish rules, structure, and a measuring system

Encourage jazz-like improvisation within a guiding structure  >>>

Take Risk

Take entrepreneurial action nothing venture, nothing win

Experiment, learn from market feedback

Learn from failures to start again smarter

Lead Change

Create a mindset of creative dissatisfaction to reduce resistance to change

Lead by example, demonstrate entrepreneurial leadership attributes

Adapt to rapid internal and external change, create positive change

Be Entrepreneurial

Develop and practice entrepreneurial creativity daily, learn continually

Look for opportunities everywhere and pursue them with speed

Be persistent, overcome obstacles, solve problems creatively



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