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Entrepreneurial Strategies





Specific Characteristics

Strategy is about creating strategic options and making strategic choices. You have a strategy if you can point to the options you have chosen among and explain why you made the choice you did.

Entrepreneurial strategy is about inventing the future and making breakthrough choices among realistic options to use your capabilities and resources to achieve your entrepreneurial vision and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

Specific Seeds

A high-potential invention, a promising business idea, or an entrepreneurial opportunity are usual starting points for developing entrepreneurial strategies. These starting points are usually characterized by a fuzzy front end and require experimental implementation strategies.

Specific Needs

Entrepreneurial firms need to be fast to market with a disruptive product in order to stand out from the competition. The ability to surprise and create a new market niche is a hallmark of entrepreneurial strategists.

Specific Methods

Strategic entrepreneurial simulation games, such a InnoBall, help disruptive entrepreneurs to deal with the fuzzy front end effectively and strengthen entrepreneurial strategies. Beta-testing of new products helps reinvent entrepreneurial strategies based on the market feedback obtained.


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