Change Management  Slide Show

Keys to Success 


3 Levels of Change Management

Exceed the Desired Results


Innompic Games 

Changing the World    Innompics Differentiated

Innoball-powered Preparations    EKICHAWO


Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change

Drivers    Thought Leader    I-Chin    Enemies

Change Creates Opportunities  >>  See Change as an Opportunity

Start Change with Yourself

Change the World    Lead by Example    Work Smart and Hard

BE MAD    Make a Difference!    Eastern vs. Western View

Creative Dissatisfaction    Think Outside the Box    Flexibility

Lead Yourself     6 Mindsets    Self-Coaching    Self-Motivation

Change Yourself by Using NLP  ●  Overcome Procrastination

Managing in the Era of Rampant Change

People Skills

Questioning  Presentation that Inspires Change    Inspiring

Influencing  Dealing with Human Barriers To Change

Motivating  >>  Motivate Employees to Embrace Change

Sell Ideas To Decision Makers  >>  Sell Twin Benefits

Sell Benefits    Selling Is Problem Solving    Win-Win Mindset

Persuading People    Perceptions    Perceptual Positions

Negotiating  >>  Win-Win     Manage Cultural Differences

Leading Change  □□□

Be Proactive >> Create Change >> Advantages    Prepare to Win

Anticipate Change  >>  PTASAS    Spot Trends  >>  Tips

"Why? What If?" Questions    Turn Failures to Opportunities

Leading vs. Managing    NAKE decisions    Tao

Change Program  >>  6Ws  /  Balanced Wheel of Change

Extreme Leadership  >>  10 Tips    Strategic Flexibility

Making Big Changes    Guiding Principles    80/20 Principle

The Art of War >> Know Your Enemy >> Become Your Enemy

Fast Decision Making Techniques    80/20 Principle

Learning SWOT Questions    Reassess Past Decisions

Jack Welch >> 25 Lessons    Create Changea    Beer's Formula

Attitude Motivation    Incentive Motivation    Reward System

Leading Innovation

SCITECH attributes & SUCCESS know-hows    Leading a Venture

Innovation Project Management: 2 Approaches

Vision: Setting and Communicating >> Make Your Vision a Reality

Innoball >>  Example 1    Example  2

Organizational Change

Changes that Call for a New Business Model    MegaChange

WBE    System Approach    Change System

Transformational Leadership >> 3 Goals 6 Skills vs. Transactional

Innovative Organization    Questioning Culture

Get Rid of Bureaucracy  ●  Transformation >> GE  ‖  Apple  ‖  BGS

Behavioral Change  >>  GE Work-Out  >>  Goals  ‖  7 Steps

Evolution  ●  Kaizen Culture  ●  10 Kaikaku Commandments

Suggestion Systems >> Fun4Biz Japanese

Dynamic Business Models    BP  >>  Learning Organization

Cultural Transformation at Monsanto >> Core 32 Program

Resistance To Change

Resistance to Change in the Workplace: Main Reasons

Human and Organizational Barriers To Change    Paradigms

How To Overcome Resistance To Change: 10 Tips

Problem Solving

4 Levels >> Turn To Opportunities    Strategic    Business

CPS  >>  Brainstorming >> 10 Rules >> How To Run