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Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF) e-course, PowerPoint download

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Continoues Improvement Firm sldie show


Lessons from Leading Companies

Kaizen at Fidelity Investments

Toyota Production System

Problem Solving Process at Toyota

Implementation of TQM at Kobayashi Kose

14 Slogans for TQM at Pentel

Canon Production System

Canon: 9 Wastes To Be Eliminated

Canon: Model Workshop

Dell: Turn Your Customers Into Teachers


Continuous Improvement Firm vs. Mass Production Firm

Mindset, Culture, Systems

Winning Culture

Questioning Culture

Team Culture

Kaizen and Kaikaku

Kaizen: 5 Principles

Kaizen Mindset

Kaizen Culture: 3 Pillars

Kaizen Culture: 8 Elements

Radical Improvements (Kaikaku): 10 Keys

Japanese Suggestion System

Lean Production: 7 Wastes To Be Eliminated

Transitioning To a Lean Enterprise: 10 Keys

8 Rules for Quality Management

TQM: Japan vs. the West

Areas Targeted by TQM in Japan

Customer-focused TQM

Cross-functional Management

Business Process Innovation

Customer Partnership

Problem Solving Strategies

5 WHYs Process

Creative Problem Solving

Turning Problems To Opportunities


PowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download - Culture of Creative Dissatisfaction


PowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download -Value Innovation Strategies, emfographics


Continuous Improvement Firm (CIF) e-course, PowerPoint download

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