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100+ Smart & Fast Lessons


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PowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download - Culture of Creative DissatisfactionPowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download -Innovation, Disruptive Entrepreneur, take riskPowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download -Value Innovation Strategies, emfographics

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Personal Success 360    Amazing Thinker 360


Personal Success 360 - download PowerPoint presentation for teachers trainers, Vadim Kotelnikov Great Thinker Business e-Coach Vadim Kotelnikov The Power of Attitude personal Vision Intuition Win-Win Mindset Create Greate Value for Others The Power of Passion Milestone-based Thinking Discovery Positive Thinking Personal Growth Learning Achievement Critical Thinking: Socratic Questions Spiritual Growth Comprehension Strategic Thinking Improvement Mindset Systematic Thinking Holistic Thinking Lateral Thinking Thinking Outside-the-Box Inventive Thinking 4 Levels of Problem Solving Awaken Your Subconscious Power Synergy Balance Discovering Opportunities Think Differently Entrepreneurial Creativity Why? and What If? questions Open-Minded Attitude Dare To Live! Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools Dennis Kotelnikov Extraordinary Thinker: Kore 10 Tips You Are What You Think The Power of Attitude Breakthrough Thinker Great Thinker: 10 Strategic Drivers + 10 Attitudes + 10 Techniques

Passionate and Happy Missionary

Discover Yourself and Your True Passion

All-inclusive Love

Life-Business Synergy

Smart Worker and Great Achiever

8 Habits of a Great Achiever

Stretch Goals

The Wheel of Personal Success

Effective Leader and Value Creator

Leader 360

Be a HOSTer − Help Others Succeed and Thrive

People Skills

Powerful Attitudes and Mindsets

You Are What You Think

Breakthrough FICAP Attitudes

6 Mindsets of a Great Achiever

Great Visionary, Strategist and Breakthrough Thinker

Strategic Creativity

Strategic Focus

Smart & Fast Decision Maker

Amazing Creativity and Problem Solving Skills

3 Levels of Creativity

Creativity Perpetuum Mobile

4 Levels of Problem Solving


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Success Guru

Vadim Kotelnikov

Personal Breakthrough Success 360


Smart & Fast Lessons


PowerPoint slides

Executive Summaries

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Vadim Kotelnikov best learning quote If you stop learning you stop creaiting history and become history



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Powerful AttitudesAttitude PowerPositive MindsetOpen MindSlef-Coaching QuestionsHow To Achieve Personal Success - the Wheel of Personal SuccessGreat AchieverBurning BeliefPersonal Brand



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Vadim Kotelnikov on Learning Your Life Vision Self-Reciprocity Laws Vadim Kotelnikov Self-Leadership 10 Tips for Winning in Life and Business Learning How To Overcome Procrastination Persistence quotes Change Yourself Committment quotes Taking Action The Wheel of Personal Success Personal Development Program Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Emfographics Success 360 The WHEEL of PERSONAL SUCCESS: Inspiring Vision, Learning, Willingness To Change, Taking Action, Persistence Attitude Magic: strong attitude, strong results, Vadim Kotelnikov



 Be a HOSTerHelp Others Succeed and Thrive! 



PowerPoint slides

Executive Summaries

US$ 99

BUSINESS GURU - PowerPoint files for Business Presentations

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All teachers are gold sand

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Innovative teachers who help their students become more innovative are diamonds

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