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Result-oriented communication is a communication style that is focused on achieving desired goals or outcomes.

Determine the Desired Result

The first step in result-oriented communication is to determine the desired result.

What do you want to achieve? To persuade someone? To win a prospect over? To sell something? To streamline teamwork? To improve yourself?


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Copywriting message: right words are the key to opening minds


Statislavski advice

The language of the body
is the key that can unlock the soul.

Konstantin Stanislavsky


Result-oriented Communication  

Design Your Communication

Communicate what and how you need to communicate to get desired results.

For instance, if you know that your prospects will use the Six Thinking Hats method to assess your proposal, design your idea presentation so that you get better chances to win every Thinking Hat over. Use their words, not yours.




Design your delivery style as well – your impactful words, intonations, emotions, visuals, and body language that will enhance your message and help you achieve the desired outcome.


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Adaptive Design Execution (ADE)

Adaptive design execution (ADE) is feedback-based re-optimization of communication that occurs during design execution. Wise feedback-based flexibility is a key to successful result-oriented communication. While it’s important to have a communication design in mind, it doesn’t have to be adhered to in a rigid way.



Felxibility quotes Vadim Kotelnikov Mother Nature river result-oriented persistence  

Learn strategic flexibility and persistence from Mother Nature – be like a river that is flowing adaptively yet persistently to its destination.




Result-oriented Communication  

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Result-oriented Communication

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