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Project Definition and Key Features

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What is a Project?

Project is a planned set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations.

What is Project Management?

Managing projects is not the same as managing ongoing operations. This work that is unique and temporary requires different management disciplines... More

Unlike repetitive business processes or ongoing operations, projects are defined as work that happens one time only.

Each project produces some unique outcome and has both a clear beginning and an end.

Project Management: 2 Approaches

Business Synergies Approach

10 Key Project Leader Skills



Two Groups of Activities in any Workplace


Ongoing Operations the work performed over and over; produce similar products and have no defined end

Projects all the work that is done one time; have a beginning and an end; produce a unique product.



Project vs. Business Processes



Business Process

Temporary: has a beginning and an end

Ongoing: the process is repeated over and over again

Produces a unique output or deliverable

Produces the same output each time the process is run

Has no predefined work assignments

Has predefined work assignments


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