Project Management


Project Management: 2 Approaches

Business Synergies Approach


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Project Planning Activities for Lifestyle Projects

Defining the scope

  • Validate what the customer expects from the project and project success and failure criteria that criteria the customer will use to evaluate results

  • Clearly define the tasks, basic conditions, project objectives and final outcome(s)

  • Define the project boundaries what's included and not included in the project

  • Identify all stakeholders persons or groups of persons who are participating in the project, are interested in the project performance, or are constrained by the project

Organizing the work

  • Make sure you have the right people on the team

  • Make sure all stakeholders have some type of representation on the team

  • Break the final deliverable down into manageable parts

  • Assign each part to team member

Assessing risk

  • Explore what might go wrong and identify countermeasures to prevent problems from occurring

Developing a project schedule

  • Identify project phases, milestones and outcomes schedules and schedule all the works that must be accomplished to meet the project key dates and objectives

Resource planning

  • Identify resources required - project personnel, equipment, materials and facilities

  • Optimize scheduling with respect to all available and procurable resources

Developing the project budget

  • Identify and quantify the prospective costs of project outcomes

  • Develop a spending budget

Writing the project plan

  • Gather the procedures that will be used to make changes in the plan

  • Compile the information developed during the planning into a formal project plan and get it approved.




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