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① Who I am?

② What are my strengths?

③ How do I work?

④ Where do I belong?

⑤ What is my contribution?


Self-Management Questions

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Assess Your Management of Business Opportunities
① Are you constantly looking outside the business, to the customers and the marketplace?
② Are you getting all the market information you can from customers and suppliers?
③ Are you creatively using the information that comes back from the outside world?
④ Are you watching out for changes that will signal opportunities (as they always do)?
⑤ Are you organizing the business to take opportunities when they occur?

❶ First: look at what the candidates have done – and what their strengths are. You can only perform with strength. What has each candidate done with his strengths?
❷ Second: would look at the institution and ask: “What is the key challenge?” Try to match the candidate’s strengths with the needs.
❸ Third: Look for integrity. A leader sets an example, especially a strong leader. He or she is someone on whom people – especially younger people – in the organization model themselves.
When selecting a leader, always ask yourself: “Would I want one of my children to work under this person?"
If the leader is successful, then the young people will imitate him. Ask yourself: “Would I want my child to look like this?”


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