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Business Process Thinking

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Business Process Thinking - Top Management Attitudes  

Think about your business holistically.

Overcome traditional functional thinking, adopt process thinking attitudes and practices, and and get obsessed about the end-to-end enterprise business processes (EBP) that create value for your customers.




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Corporate leaders must believe that:

Strategy formulation should be based on passion for and focus on customers both external and internal ones

→ Business and its processes must be designed, led, and managed in a way that makes it easy for the customer to do business with the company

→ Customer value creation is rooted in a customer-focused culture and achieved through enterprise-wide business process management (EBPM)

→ Significant performance improvement is achieved more through the exercise of attitude motivation than control

→ Business processes must be managed at three levels: enterprise-wide, cross-functional, and functional

→ Organization must be managed as a complex business and social system


Balanced Business System

5 Basic Elements

Cross-functional Management

Process-managed Enterprise

Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM System (BPMS)

Process Thinking

Leadership's Mental Model

Synergize Business Processes

Synergize EBPM, TQM, and Six Sigma








Corporate leaders are actively engaged in:

→ Monitoring the firm's performance in providing products/services to customers and managing customer experience from a customer's point of view

Improving the performance of the firm's enterprise business processes

→ Managing the flow of cross-functional activity in the enterprise business process for continuous improvement and creation of cross-functional synergies.


Applications of Lean

Integrate Six Sigma with Business Process Management

Results-Based Leadership

Cross-functional Teams

IT / Business Alignment

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