With so many opportunities for growth and innovation in the medical sector, it could be a good time to start your own successful startup!


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If you have an inventor's mind for medicine, the last decade or so probably feels like a golden age of new discoveries in pharmaceuticals, probiotics, medical equipment, and procedures, with many years before that bringing real change too.


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There's no doubt that many medical innovations and discoveries during the first half of the 20th century helped to end illness as a fact of life for those who could afford it, but only in the 21st century have we begun to truly see how technology can bring healthcare into our homes.

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There are numerous examples across all areas of medicine where new technologies have brought access beyond what was available even 15 years ago: home monitoring devices allow people with diabetes or high blood pressure to check their glucose levels at any time without having someone prick their finger; anti-retroviral drugs mean HIV is now a chronic disease rather than an immediate death sentence − not just for AIDS sufferers but also others living long term with Hepat B, or cancers such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


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