Green procurement refers to the purchase of goods and services that cause minimal adverse environmental impact. The demand for recyclable products, energy-efficient systems, and clean technology and fuels, is driving the adoption of ecologically responsible business practices.






In green procurement, an enterprise is concerned more about the environmental impact of its purchasing decision than the cost of goods and services.

Green procurement considers a productís environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

Considered a component of sustainable procurement, green procurement also aligns with an enterpriseís corporate social responsibilities (CSR).






Green Business

Many large companies have launched comprehensive and innovative environmental programs on their own, not just for themselves but for their suppliers as well, most of whom are SMEs and green startups. This initiative, known as "Green Procurement" or "Greening the Supply Chain", means that the large corporations are using their purchasing power to ensure that their suppliers, which could be anywhere in the world, meet certain environmental requirements.

Assistance may be extended to them where necessary as many SMEs lack the technical expertise to meet the new requirements.


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