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1. Why Entrepreneurial Leadership?

Rapidly Changing Global Scenario

Entrepreneurial Organization: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies

Entrepreneurial Organization: 10 Characteristics and 5 Benefits

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Building Attributes and Delivering Results

2. What Entrepreneurial Leaders Do

Leader as an Entrepreneur: Ten Key Action Roles

Leadership-Management Synergy

Extreme Leadership: 10 Best Practices

The Four E's of Leadership

Making Big Changes: Ten Questions to Answer

Case Study: Organizational Transformation at BGS

Take Risk!

3. Entrepreneurial Leadership Attributes

Leader as an Entrepreneur: Talent, Temperament, and Technique Synergy

Entrepreneurial Leaders: Specific Attributes

Be Different and Make a Difference

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 5 Action Areas

Entrepreneurial Creativity: 4 Pillars

Turning Problems Into Opportunities

4. Inspiring, Energizing, and Empowering Employees

10 Roles of Inspirational Leaders

How To Lead Creative People: 8 Tips

Lessons from Jack Welch: Energize Others

Ten Steps To Develop Entrepreneurial Staff

5. Opportunity-driven Business Development

Strategy Pyramid vs. Strategy Stretch

Choosing Between Strategy and Opportunity Approach

Strategic Intent

Lessons from Jack Welch: See Change as an Opportunity

Search for and Pursue Opportunities

Organizing Rapid Opportunity Search

Make Decisions Quickly

Techniques for Fast Evaluation of Ideas and Decision Making

Idea Evaluation by Weighted Criteria

Idea Evaluation: 42 Perceptual Positions

Turning Opportunities To Your Advantage: 5 I-Ching Tips

6. Leading Innovation

10 Commandments of Innovation

Surprise To Win

Fast-To-Market Tactics

Specific Skills of Radical Project Managers

Inspire Your Team

Loose-Tight Leadership

The Virtuous Circle of Growth

Learning SWOT Questions

Great Innovator: 8 Winning Habits and Guiding Principles

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Leadership Attributes Entrepreneurial Leadership Entrepreneurial Creativity Risk Taking Results-based Leadership Take Action 4 Entrepreneurial Strategies Creating Sustainable Value Emfographics Coaching by Example Enrepreneurial Leadership Attributes


Entrepreneurial Leadership Defined

In the increasingly turbulent and competitive environment firms face today, a new type of "entrepreneurial" leader is required. Entrepreneurial leadership is not a position, it is a process. It is based on the attitude that the leader is self-employed. Leaders of this type:

  • take initiative and act as if they are playing a critical role in the organization rather than a mostly important one and energize their people,

  • demonstrate entrepreneurial creativity, search continuously for new opportunities and pursue them,

  • take risk, venture into new areas and provide strategic direction and inspiration to their people,

  • take responsibility for the failures of their team, learn from these failures and use them as a step to ultimate success and strategic achievement.

Entrepreneurial leadership involves instilling the confidence to think, behave and act with entrepreneurship in the interests of fully realizing the intended purpose of the organization to the beneficial growth of all stakeholders involved.

Key Benefits

The entrepreneurial leader takes responsibility to assist the organization in creating such conditions so that, instead of being controlled, the organization generates its own order and responds creatively to the environment. By helping to unleash the creative potential of their organizations, entrepreneurial leaders are unleashing their own.

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