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Knowing how to edit the videos you produce, so that it looks professional, is very important to capture your audience and get them to return to your channel or website. Is it possible to do all this with just videos? Yes!

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This is the first step for you to get your audience's attention. Especially because we know how strong the audiovisual appeal is. So you should consider making use of these resources in your business if you want to be successful. You don't have to be a Youtuber to know how to edit videos and how important this is for your business. As I said, any entrepreneur or brand can benefit from videos to leverage a business or project. This fascinating tool can help create more closeness to your audience, increase your page views, engagement with your brand, and who knows, convert more leads.



If you're trying to find a way to compress and resize video files, you've come to the right place. The compression of these files allows easy downloading, saving space, sharing, and simple reading. An MP4 file is a fairly huge file that consumes a lot of space on your hard drive, which ends up slowing down your computer considerably. In addition, it cannot be registered to play on the go due to its flat body or easily shared with friends on the Internet. So, are there any ways how to compress MP4 video?

In principle, there are 3 points to consider when we want to compress videos:

1. We must consider the output format

There are many formats you can use, but make sure that when you compress your video to another format (or the same format), you are very sure that your player device accommodates that format.

2. Make sure you understand the parameters of your video

Many details need to be understood so that when you edit your video settings (before they are compressed), you can be sure that the results will be to your liking. Resolution is one of the most important things to consider.

3. Use the best tools

There are many tools you can use to resize your video, but make sure you use the best. By using the best tools, you can resize without reducing the quality of the output video.

Based on my years of experience, we can recommend Wondershare Uniconverter.



Among many similar video converters, the Wondershare Uniconverter is the most efficient and understandable MP4 video reducers. It can resize any MP4 file without scarifying its quality. For many experts, the tool is recommended because of its interface and features.
How to compress MP4 files in Windows with Wondershare UniConverter?

For Windows users, you can follow the method mentioned below to compress MP4 video by customizing its video settings. For this method to work, you will need to download and install the Wondershare UniConverter. Once the download is complete, click on it and follow the installation process.

Step 1: Load the Wondershare Resizer

Once you have installed the Wonder share UniConverter, you need to go to the Toolbox section and choose the Compress option from the many other choices. You need to click on “Video Compress”. A new window will open where you can add MP4 video; to do this, you must click the "+" sign.



Step 2: Load Video File

You will see a new Compress Video page. You need to click on the + sign, to add/load your video file.

Step 3: Customize the video settings to compress or reduce its size

Information from the added video is visible on the top panel. In this panel, you can adjust parameters like bit rates; file size, resolution, video format, etc. by simply moving the progress bar. During adjustments, you can check the quality of the video side by side by clicking the Preview button.

Step 4: Start MP4 compression

Once all the settings are complete, you can press the Compress and let the program do the rest. Your video will be compressed according to your settings and can be viewed from anywhere at any time! However, you should remember that you can only compress MP4 video one file at a time. If you are looking to compress MP4 video (multiple) at one time, you can read more below and follow the steps for your Windows computer.

Did you see it? Sounds simple right? Just try compressing your video easily with the help of Uniconverter. Thank you for reading!




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