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Business Success 360

Develop the ability to surprise if you wish to break out of the pack, create customers and bolster your position in the market space.

Amaze and Delight Your Customers

  • Deliver more than you promised, go beyond and above customer expectation package the expected and unexpected to succeed

  • Send your customers and prospects surprise gifts; spread the love around; reward your best customers via a surprise; take care of even your most casual customers to turn them into loyal shoppers

  • Invent creative marketing programs

  • Focus on customer-driven value innovation every day! Be unique in your approach to creating and delivering customer value. Customers like uniqueness, and they will view their relationship with your business as a special, rewarding one.

Astonish and Awe Your Competitors

  • Develop the ability to surprise and move quickly to create competitive disruption; practice OODA Observe-Orient-Decide-Act

  • Change the name of the game by introducing radical innovations

  • Search for opportunities everywhere and pursue them with speed

  • Initially, stay beneath the radar of your competitors; then emerge unexpectedly and keep accelerating the pace of change as your competitors weaken

Excite and Enthuse Your Employees

  • Create an inspiring corporate culture; make business fun; give surprise rewards

  • Be different being unique in your business aspirations and approaches is a great reward for your employees. Create strategic excitement about a new direction to enthuse your people.