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Vadim Kotelnikov (VadiK), founder, Innompic Games speaker trainer

If you create something unseen before,
prepare to address challenges unmet earlier


Willingness and preparedness to take creative and courageous entrepreneurial action and noble risk differentiates entrepreneurs from others.




Entrepreneurial Attributes 6x6 Drivers of a Noble Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial Vision Innovation is Love VadiK Innovative Victor Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial Strategies Entrepreneurial Creativity Execution Dennis Emfographics: Entrepreneur Innovative Victor Entrepreneurial Attributes  

Entrepreneur is a visionary and passionate person who habitually spots entrepreneurial opportunities, creates innovative customer value and gets it acquired by customers.





A-to-Z Keys


What Differentiates Entrepreneurs from Others


B   Specific Attributes of Entrepreneurs    
C   6+6 Drivers of a Noble Entrepreneur    
D   Entrepreneurial Intelligence    
E   Entrepreneur as a Giver-Taker    
F   Passionate Entrepreneurial Dancer    
G   Entrepreneurial Thinking    
H   Creative Strategist: 3Bs    
I   Opportunity-oriented Intelligence    
J   Entrepreneurial Optimist    
K   Proactive Creativity    
L   Productive Creativity    
M   Smart & Fast Decision Maker    
N   Entrepreneurial Achiever    
O   Entrepreneurial Creativity: MECA Attributes    
P   Think-Do Synergy    
Q   Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy (ESE)    
R   Entrepreneurial Courage    
S   Proactive Risk Taker    
T   Growing Stronger by Overcoming    
U   Entrepreneurial Victor    

Entrepreneurial People Skills


Team Leader


Result-oriented Communicator




Venture Marketer




Entrepreneurial Marketer and Seller




Invest in YOURSELF and enjoy HUGE return!