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Vadim Kotelnikov

Willingness and preparedness to take creative and courageous entrepreneurial action and noble risk differentiates entrepreneurs from others.

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Entrepreneurial Attributes 6x6 Drivers of a Noble Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial Vision Innovation is Love VadiK Innovative Victor Entrepreneur Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial Strategies Entrepreneurial Creativity Execution Dennis Emfographics: Entrepreneur Innovative Victor Entrepreneurial Attributes  

Entrepreneur is a visionary and passionate person who habitually spots entrepreneurial opportunities, creates innovative customer value and gets it acquired by customers.





A-to-Z Keys


What Differentiates Entrepreneurs from Others


B   Specific Attributes of Entrepreneurs    
C   6+6 Drivers of a Noble Entrepreneur    
D   Entrepreneurial Intelligence    
E   Entrepreneur as a Giver-Taker    
F   Passionate Entrepreneurial Dancer    
G   Entrepreneurial Thinking    
H   Creative Strategist: 3Bs    
I   Opportunity-oriented Intelligence    
J   Entrepreneurial Optimist    
K   Proactive Creativity    
L   Productive Creativity    
M   Smart & Fast Decision Maker    
N   Entrepreneurial Achiever    
O   Entrepreneurial Creativity: MECA Attributes    
P   Think-Do Synergy    
Q   Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy (ESE)    
R   Entrepreneurial Courage    
S   Proactive Risk Taker    
T   A-to-Z Innovator 360    
U   Entrepreneurial Victor    

Entrepreneurial People Skills


Team Leader


Result-oriented Communicator




Venture Marketer




Entrepreneurial Marketer and Seller




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