Partially adapted from "Angel Investing", by Osnabrugge, M.V. and Robinson, R.J.


Setting Your Investment Criteria

(questions to ask yourself before starting the search process):

  • Overall, how willing am I to invest in business angel deals?

  • How many angel investments do I want to make in total? How much money am I willing to risk per deal?

  • In what industry sector(s) am I most experienced and most comfortable investing?

  • How far am I willing to travel to help my investment?

  • Am I more comfortable investing with others, or by myself?

  • Realistically, what potential returns am I looking for in an investment deal?

  • What basic characteristics am I looking for in the entrepreneur Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book? the product? the target market? the overall business plan >>>

  • Which issues are most important to me, and which am I willing to compromise on?

Starting Your Search

  • Which of my personal friends or business associates might have the network contacts to help me find some potentially attractive angel opportunities?

  • Should I try to join an angel syndicate so that I can co-invest with others?

  • What do other investors in the area have to say about these services?

  • What aspects of the search do I really need help and guidance with?

  • Rather than waiting to find a suitable early stage firm, are there any impressive young ventures in the area that I may want to approach with an unsolicited offer for funding?

Screening Investment Opportunities

3Ws of Venture Investing

Venture Financing Funnel Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Venture Financing: Key Documents

  • Who referred this opportunity to me? Do I fully trust their recommendations?

  • Do I understand and have experience in this industry sector?

  • What makes this investment opportunity unique among all the others?

7 Routes To High Profits

Business Model

Revenue Model

  • What kind of investment return can I realistically expect to receive >>>

  • How much money are the entrepreneurs looking for? How much equity are they willing to surrender in return?  >>>

  • What are the most likely exit routes for this investment opportunity?

  • Overall, does this investment opportunity fit well with my investment criteria?  >>>

  Team & Venture Assessment by using Innovation Football game