Steps in the Planning Process


Peter Capezio




❶ Define the overall purpose or goal

Determine the major components or objectives of the plan

Make sure that your objectives support the overall purpose

Collect and evaluate the data you will need to determine what it will take to complete each component of the plan

Make sure that the data you collected and evaluated supports the overall purpose

Develop a forecast plan

Make sure that your forecast plan supports the overall purpose

Determine action steps

Make sure that your action steps support the overall purpose

Develop contingency plans

Make sure that your contingency plans support the overall purpose

Implement your plan


Make sure that your implementation supports the overall purpose

Check the progress of your plan frequently

Make sure as your plan is implemented that the overall purpose remains in focus




Robert Kiyosaki quotes

A plan is a bridge to your dreams. Your job is to make the plan or bridge real, so that your dreams will become real.