Green entrepreneurship is the virtuous activity of consciously addressing environmental and social problems and needs, coming up with and implementing innovative entrepreneurial ideas that bring creative solutions to them.






Example of a Green Startup




Healthbiotics startup success story


Innompic Games Miss Innovation World
award winner




Green Entrepreneurship vs. Environmentalism

Environmentalists talk. Entrepreneurs do.

Both activities are important and inspire each other.


Virtuous Entrepreneur

8-fold Noble Path of an Innopreenur




PowerPoints for sale

Smart & Fast

Innovative Entrepreneur






Green Startup

A green startup is a business venture founded by an entrepreneur who wants to play a remarkable role in a transition to a sustainable world.


Green Startup

Lean Startup

Venture Design







Green Procurement and Green Startups

Green startups supply environmentally friendly products or services to green businesses who practice green procurement.


Circular Economy

Circular Business Models

Green Jobs