A green Business, or a sustainable business, is an enterprise that has minimal negative impact or potentially a positive effect on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy.






Business is described as green if it matches the following four criteria:

① It incorporates principles of sustainability into each of its business decisions.

② It supplies environmentally friendly products or services that replace demand for nongreen products and/or services.

③ It is greener than traditional competition.

④ It has made an enduring commitment to environmental principles in its business operations.


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A sustainable business is any firm that participates in environmentally friendly or green activities to ensure that all design approaches, processes, products, and manufacturing activities adequately address current environmental concerns while maintaining a profit.


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Green Jobs

The definition of "green jobs" is ambiguous, but it is generally agreed that these jobs, the result of green business, should be environmental protection.

Green jobs could be in the field of of a sustainable business, such as design for environment (DfE), life cycle assessment (LCA), cleaner production (CP), environmental management systems (EMS), or green procurement.



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Green businesses cluster under different groupings and the whole is sometimes referred to as "green capitalism." Often, sustainable businesses introduce harmonious innovations and have progressive environmental and human rights policies.



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