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China vs. USA: Competitive Advantage of the Chinese Language


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The Tao of Business Success








Achieve more with less effort
by being in accord with reality



Business Success 360

Balanced Business System

Healthy Company

Change-Leadership Wheel


Yin-Yang of


Business Success

Balancing Outside-In and Inside-Out

Balanced Management

Customer Value Creation

Value Innovation

Entrepreneurial Creativity

The Jazz of Innovation


Intellectual Cross-pollination

Loose-Tight Leadership

Business Process Innovation

Marketing Innovation


Employee Empowerment

Change Management


Lessons from Great Business Leaders

Konosuke Matsushita

Jack Ma

Michael Dell

Steve Jobs

Jack Welch



PowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download -Value Innovation Strategies, emfographics



Tao and Yin-Yang
Tao is about being in harmony with the reality. It is primarily about Yin. Yang is about changing the reality. My courses are about a balanced approach to Yin and Yang.
Some 1-page lessons talk about Yin-Yang balance explicitly.
Most 1-page lessons talk about Yin, Yang and Yin-Yang balance implicitly.
Several lessons talking about Yin-Yang balance explicitly. Examples:
  • Yin-Yang of Business Success
  • Yin-Yang of Creation of Customer Value
  • Yin-Yang of Helping People Grow
  • Yin-Yang of Employee Empowerment
  • Yin-Yang of Value Innovation
  • Yin-Yang of the Jazz of Innovation
  • Yin-Yang of Change Management
  • Yin-Yang of Business Process Innovation
  • Yin-Yang of Marketing Innovation
  • Yin-Yang of Radical and Incremental Improvements
  • Yin-Yang of Intellectual Cross-pollination

Some lessons talk about the Tao implicitly. Examples:

  • Strategic Flexibility
  • Benefit from Your Competitors
  • Reassess Your Past Decisions
  • Balanced Organization
  • Loose-Tight Leadership
  • Customer-driven Innovation
  • Strategy Innovation
  • 3Bs of Strategic Creativity
  • Customer-focused TQM
  • White Marketing
  • Tailored Marketing Strategies
  • Positioning
  • Marketing to the Subconscious
  • Selling is Problem Solving
  • Intellectual Teamwork
  • How To Sell Your Ideas To Others
  • Evaluation of Ideas: 4x2 Perceptual Positions