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Lalit Guglani
TiE Institute
709-120, Widdicombe Hill Blvd
Toronto, ON, M9R 4A6
Phone: 6473300935

Rev. Dr. Kung Nelson

The Author of Built to Last

Leadership Training Center
Fuller Life Church
7, Laureleaf Road South
Willowdale ON M2M3A3

Phone: 647-444-7770

Firoz Shroff
Idea Sponsor - Founder -Social Deal Originator
Social Entrepreneurial Consortium Inc
PH 202 - 8 Hillcrest Avenue
Toronto M2N 6Y6
Ontario - Canada
Skype - firozshroff
Cell/ Mobile - 1+ 416 708 2532
Email :



Vadim Kotelnikov Canada: Self-Education Profile - what learning courses people buy, where Australia is heading



Examples of THANK-YOU messages from Canada

Thank you for making a positive difference in my life.

Mike Hopley

You assist people change their mindsets. The biggest social and philanthropic work anyone can do is change the mindset of the society to look at life in entrepreneurial way rather than employment. Well done and I am really proud of you.

Firoz Shroff

Your e-Courses are incredibly rich in information, tips, and just plain common sense. All my years in business and graduate business school can't hold a candle to what you have.

Tom West

I have just been surfing your material...WOW!

Lee Primeau

I was very impressed with the depth of the information provided.

Nancy Gauthier

Amazing! Detailed phenomenal information.

Darren Weeks

My compliments on a most wonderful site! I continue to be impressed with everything I see. Whenever I show your slides in my workshops, I always tell participants that if there is one link I want them to go to from all those I mention is The 1000ventures.

Bruna Martinuzzi

Great job!

Robert Matula