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Looking for Venture Capital? Have Your Business Planed Tuned Up by a Venture Capitalist!


By Venture Planning Associates. Used by permission

Have Your Business Plan Reviewed and Tuned Up by a Venture Capitalist!

Want to know what you will face when you put your business plan on the street?

  • Did you know that venture capital companies like ICG receive over 24,000 business plans a year and invest in only 30!

  • Did you know that most business plans get only a 30 second to 3 minute once over before being discarded to the trash heap!

  • Would you like to increase your odds of getting your plan read and put in the high priority stack?

  • Now you can.  Venture Planning’s seasoned venture capital team will review your plan and show you how to better position it.

  • After putting three agonizing months of blood sweat and tears and thousands of dollars into developing your plan, shouldn’t you give it the best chance of being read?

Venture Planning Associates offers Business Plan Review Services.

Comprehensive Business Plan Review

A preliminary review includes looking for missing information, financial assumptions and accuracy, marketing studies, financial request amounts, source and application of funds and other basic financial information. A style and marketability review of your plan, and ideas on how give your presentation and plan sizzle will be included.

This in-depth review primarily looks at technical feasibility, competition, market potential, management structure, investment pay back, proprietary issues and distribution or sales.

This includes review by Venture Capitalist, written recommendations, and two hours of phone consultation and we guarantee turnaround in 3 business days.

A Due Diligence Check List will be included with this review, however a Due Diligence Review that involves reference checking, legal review of all the documents, contracts, rights assignments and tax implications of the investment is not included and should be prepared by your CPA, Tax and Legal Advisors in preparation for funding.

A valuation calculation and sample term sheet for your particular deal will complete the package.

Fee for the Business Plan Review is $1,250 due at the time of submission, but not drawn upon until delivery of the Review Report and Telephone Consult.