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Hybrid Business E-ncubator Without Walls

New new digital economy creates brilliant opportunities for reinventing the traditional business incubation model. Creating a virtual innovation society ‒ actually, a virtual Silicon Valley ‒ for both both start-up firms and would-be entrepreneurs is not impossible any more after web-based and integrated Business e-Coaching and project management workspace models have been successfully launched.

The new hybrid Business E-ncubator without walls can not only think, but also act outside its box and provide effective IT-enabled business e-coaching, match-making, and project management services to thousands of its semi-virtual and virtual tenants - start-up companies. E-coaching will also enhance the effectiveness of traditional tailor-made training, mentoring, and consulting services as entrepreneurs will have better preliminary understanding of the subject. In fact, business consultancies usually don't like to waste their time on low-value activities such as teaching first-time entrepreneurs basic business skills. Business e-Coach can do it for them very effectively and free of charge thus enabling reallocation of human resources from low-value to high-value uses.

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Business e-ncubator can also extend its activities to the pre-incubation phase and provide business e-coaching services to hundreds of would-be entrepreneurs. E-coaching would help them to refine their venture models  and transit seamlessly from the pre-incubation phase to the incubation one... More

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