Customer Relationship - Holistic Approach  

Customer relationship management is the management of the customer value journey and customer experience over a relationship continuum.

It includes relationship strategy and multi-channel relationship programs that produce both business value and customer experiences on a scale not seen in traditional marketing and customer retention strategies.



Customer Relationship Management Disciplines  

Customer Relationship Management: 3 Disciplines

Loving Customer Relationships




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Holistic Approach to Customer Relationships

as opposed to a transactional focus

Be passionate about your customers. Treat customer relationships as enjoyable win-win interactions of platonic lovers. Design customer value journey and customer experience as an endless love story.

Don't focus solely on transactions. Look beyond the arithmetic value of individual transactions to all the ways you can serve the customer to capture and develop lasting mutually beneficial relationships.

Keep in mind that it is customer, not you, who owns the relationship. Once you have captured customer relationships, service the customer relentlessly and keep creating amazing value innovations.

Understand what motivates your employees in order to develop powerful tool for dealing with them to get them achieve extraordinary results. Satisfied employees make a deeper commitment to the business, make improvement suggestions, and work harder to satisfy the customer.

Develop financial system that truly captures the financial dynamics of customer relationships.

Develop system that rewards people for building and maintaining strong and lasting customer relationships.