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Innompic Games motto Smarter Brighter Worthier - loving creators


Innompic Games are
a civilizational breakthrough!

It's not just a Blue-Ocean innovation, it is a Blue-Planet mega-innovation!

We are turning the Earth to
a Planet of Loving Creators!



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Innompic Games: Where the world's creative minds battle not just for gold, but for a grander vision turning Earth into a planet of loving creators. It's not just a competition; it's a global movement of innovation and joy, connecting inspired souls.







'Innompic' means synergy of three things:

Word-changing innovators and innovations

Outstanding entrepreneurial creativity 360

Super-effective implementation A-to-Z/360


Innompic Planet of Loving Creators

Brand Attributes

Brand Appeal

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Be a Loving Creator, Dare to Love, Dream, Make a Difference VadiK  

Innompic Games excite participants and help them grow rapidly and joyfully as super-creative,  passionate and entrepreneurial innovators.





Rapid Growth





Launched in 2017,  annual World Innompic Games engaged excited participants from all continents quickly.

Global, regional, national,  industry-specific, and corporate Innompic Games are conducted both on-site and virtually now.





Creating New Trends




World's largest innovation INNOMPIC GAMES Global #1 entrepreneurial creativity contests founder Vadim Kotelnikov


Innompics lead the global journey to the next curve of socio-economic development in a number of areas that include 2D social networks, sports-intellect (SpIn) games, innopreneurial simulation, creation show, innovative startup ecosystem, and many others.





Innompic Games are
The solution to 7 global challenges








Vadim Kotelnikov

Innompic Games are a civilizational breakthrough and a harmonious mega-innovation. Innompics are to make a positive impact globally for centuries ahead.

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