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3 Types of Feedback


By: Max Landsbeg, the author of The Tao of Coaching



Positive Feedback

Positive feedback applies to situations where a person did a good job; may consist of a simple praise, but even more powerfully reinforcing if you specifically highlight why or how that person did a good job.


Employee Feedback

NLP Approach To Feedback




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Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback highlights how a person could do better next time; needs to be delivered sensitively. Use the Action-Impact-Desired Outcome (AID) model; focus on observable facts, not assumed traits... More


Actionable Feedback

Motivational Coaching






Why? What If? questions quote Vadim Kotelnikov Dennis Kotelnikov

Mister Innovation World

Dennis Kotelnikov, Mister Innovation World award winner, an outstanding actor and singer, is never satisfied with his performances. He doesn't seek a praise. Instead, after every performance, Dennis asks others what he could do better. Their feedback helps Dennis keep making his performances increasingly better.






Innompic Games

Innompic-style Feedback    Feedback Form

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Examples of Feedback    Kseniya | Farah | Suprima







Negative Feedback

Negative feedback describes a perceived negative behavior, without proposing a resolution is essentially destructive and is only used, usually by accident, to terminate relationships.


Bad Feedback vs. Good Feedback

Conflict Resolution




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