Online sellers were impressed by BlueSnap's services at the beginning, but got disappointed after a while when BlueSnap's services got worse.





Sellers of e-products are customers for BlueSnap, an Internet payment platform.

As a customer, we give BlueSnap 2 stars out of 5.

Why do we give BlueSnap such a low rating?

We've been selling our educational mini-courses through BlueSnap for years. Yes, BlueSnap kept introducing some minor improvements, yet they introduced some major reductions in customer value as well.

We started our business relationships with BlueSnap at no-flat-fee basis. BlueSnap charged a commission only.

After some time, however, instead of adding more value to its customers, BlueSnap started reducing it.

First, they introduced flat fees and raised them multifold.

Afterwards they removed the monitor service that the sellers used to analyze actions of prospective customers at the 'buy now' page. BlueSnap explained the removal by 'low value' of the service. Yet, this service was the highly valuable feedback for us, their customer. We monitored customer actions every day. Without this customer insight we can see nothing in this direction, we've got partially blind.

As a results of this customer dissatisfaction, we channeled nearly all our e-sales operations away from BlueSnap.