Intrapreneurship Defined

 Intrapreneurship an entrepreneurial way of thinking about emerging opportunities, radical improvement, and  radical innovation inside organizations that focuses on specific challenges the company already faces.






Intrapreneurial Opportunities

 Intrapreneurial opportunity is a perceived chance to make entrepreneurial contribution to implementation of corporate strategies through an in-company project.








 7 Things that Differentiate Intrapreneurs from Regular Workforce
Strategic thinking, strategic alignment with the corporate vision and goals
Achievement drive, entrepreneurial attitudes
Proactiveness, initiative, entrepreneurial action
Project thinking, not task thinking; holistic A-to-Z approach to creation and innovation
Risk taking, experimentation
Entrepreneurial leaderships - bottom-up, lateral, self
Extended 24/7 working hours


Intrapreneurship can help you both create competitive disruption internally and defend your company against external competitive disruption.

Intrapreneurs should focus on specific challenges their company already faces.


Intrapreneurship: 6 Core Characteristics


"Create a culture of intrapreneurship. Any professional with experience at innovative companies can contribute to creating a culture where intrapreneurship thrives. That means communicating and supporting values like transparency, rewarding proactive behavior (something corporation arenít always good at), fixing problems as they arise to avoid normalizing the bad, and encouraging healthy internal competition."


Intrapreneur's Keys To Success

Invent an outstanding innovative solution

Develop a great Innoball-powered Business Case

Know how to sell ideas to decision makers

Make a presentation that inspires change

Define project expectations

Know how to achieve your stretch goals






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