Synergy is the energy or force created by the working together of various parts or processes.

Synergy in business is the benefit derived from combining two or more elements (or businesses) so that the performance of the combination is higher than that of the sum of the individual elements (or businesses). For instance, sustainable competitive advantage is a synergistic combination or corporate capabilities.










How To Establish Lasing Peace right flow of energies Yin and Yang  

Lasting Peace

Each component of a lasting peace all-inclusive love, right flow of Yin-Yang energies, and wise strategising and implementation − is important, yet it is their synergy that produces the desired result.



Innompic Games

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Innompic means synergy of three things:

Word-changing innovators and innovations

Outstanding entrepreneurial creativity 360

Super-effective implementation A to Z

Innompic Games synergize contests and all-win environment, accelerated learning and fun, the most comprehensive A-to-Z/360 approach to innovation and a joyful creation show.