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SuperSmart vs. Smart

Keys to SuperSmartness

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“SuperSmart” means extremely smart, extremely intelligent, or extremely good at thinking quickly and effectively in challenging situations or while addressing super-complex issues.




SuperSmart vs, Smart, keys to supersmartness  

Smart victors know how to outfight enemies.

Super-smart victors know how to win without fighting.

Smart ideators brainstorm consciously.

Super-smart ideators ideate superconsciously on autopilot.




Super-Smart vs. Smart

•Smart thinkers recognize the presence of intuitive thinking; super-smart thinkers know how to engage super-conscious intuition.

•Smart analysts recognize change; super-smart analysts foresee change.

Smart ones adapt to change and rule-changing innovations before the majority does; super-smart ones create change rule-changing innovations and harness the benefits of being the first.

•Smart inventors invent new things; super-smart inventors stretch their creativity to become super-creative and invent disruptive and amazing things.

•Smart innovators design their innovation journey A to Z; super-smart innovators create new trends and design their innovation journey A-to-Z/360.
•Smart entrepreneurs solve problems creatively; super-smart entrepreneurs turn problems to opportunities.
•Smart leaders create followers; super-smart leaders create self-leaders.
•Smart strategists formulate and implement good strategies; super-smart strategists invent disruptive strategies and implement them in an experimental and flexible venturepreneurial fashion.
•Smart managers build strong teams and make them productive; super-smart managers build synergistic teams and get the best out of them.
•Smart organizers make events seamless; super-smarts make events wonderful.

SuperSmart - Keys of SuperSmartness      


Five Specific Habits of a Supersmart

1.Systems Thinking (includes ability to see the big picture, holistic thinking, holistic intelligence, holistic creativity)
2.Creative Dissatisfaction (includes entrepreneurial mindset, achievement drive, critical thinking, addressing problems creatively)
3.Treating Problems as Opportunities (includes entrepreneurial open-minded attitude, a habit to look for opportunities always and everywhere)
4.Questioning Assumptions (includes readiness to break riles, challenging the status quo, asking ‘Why? What If?’ questions)
5.Superconscious Ideation (includes intuition, ideation on autopilot, superconscious problem solving, superconscious analysis and decision making)
Specific Thinking Skills of a Supersmart

Supersmarts are outstanding at holistic thinking, systems thinking, thinking out of the box, lateral thinking, building synergies, quick and effective decision making, and rapid mental simulation of possible scenarios. Supersmarts can see the ‘big picture’, understand connections in a complex system, and do far more with far less by finding the difference that makes the difference.

Most importantly, supersmarts know how to engage their light-speed superconscious mind that can address complex challenges quickly and effectively.



SuperSmart vs. Smart - superconscious keys to supersmartness