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Accelerated Learning 20-60-20

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Accelerated Learning 20-60-20 model Innompic Games VadiK inventor  

The Innompic Games' 20-60-20 model of accelerated challenge-based learning is a synergy of learning by studying (20%), doing (60^), and watching (20%).





At Innompic Games, a holistic set of creative challenges inspires contestants to learn the art of innovation and the innopreneurial journey A-Z/360 quickly in
the 20-60-20 way





60% of learning occurs while players invent solutions to creative challenges.

Players also learn (20%) by watching presentations of solutions invented by other teams.

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Innompic Games: Self-Assessment of Accelerated Learning results  

Innompic Games' creative challenges and contests are designed so they  inspire contestants grow their entrepreneurial creativity, innovative thinking A-Z/360,  and innopreneurial smartness rapidly.