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Avoid the Logical Trap



Don't let assumptions stifle your capacity. In our desire to think logically, we tend to organize everything into little compartments and keep it there. One word is all it takes to give you access to one of your compartments. Try it. What the word "vacation" brings up in your mind (travel, beach, sightseeing?) and what not (violin?)? But if you spent a vacation learning to play the violin, it would be in that compartment.

"The logical structure of our compartments is so important that we tend to avoid something that is at variance with them. We want things to be orderly and 'right'. So when something intrudes into our logical patterns, we become uncomfortable ‒ our comfort zone has been penetrated. We resist strange-seeming change. We expect things to happen logically, so we can anticipate the results of action. If they don't happen logically, unexpected results can occur, and we can feel unhappy. So we avoid the unexpected by staying with the comfortable," says Timothy Foster, the author of 101 Ways To Generate Great Ideas.

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You must start thinking differently to avoid this barrier to generating great ideas that may seem illogical. You need to recognize this barrier and challenge yourself to act sometimes differently, illogically to avoid the logical trap.  >>>

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"All this worldly wisdom was once
the unamiable heresy of some
wise man."

~ Henry David Thoreau


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"Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion." 
Charles Kuralt

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