Balanced Organization

Team Culture


Benefits of Management Team Building


According to
Thomas Gordon



Individual members of an organization will be more identified with the goals of the organization and concerned about its success if they participate in making decisions about those goals and how to reach them.


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Being a member of a management team  gives its members a feeling of greater control over their lives; it frees them from the fear of the leader's arbitrary use of power.




When group members participate in solving the group's problems, they learn a great deal about the technical complexities of whatever the group's task is; they learn from each other, as well as from the leader. Developing a management team is the best kind of ongoing staff development (in-service training).



Participation on a management team provides opportunities for the members to satisfy many of their higher-level needs for self-esteem, acceptance, and self-actualization.




A management team helps break down status differentials between the members and the leader, which fosters more open and honest communication between members and leader.



A management team becomes the principal vehicle enabling the leader to exemplify the kind of leadership behavior he or she wants the group members to learn and use in relationships with their subordinates. In this way effective leadership moves down the level of organizations.




Higher-quality decision often result from bringing into play the combined resources of the work group.