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Use metaphors to gain instant subconscious understanding, insight, and inspiration

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The Power of Metaphorical Thinking

Metaphors are the fastest and the easiest way to embrace holistic much more powerful subconscious thinking and create 'Aha!' effect instantly.




Metaphoric solutions provide inspiring real-world insights.

The creative impact of metaphors in creative problem solving, inventing and development of innovative strategies is enormous.

Metaphors allow you to carry out your thoughts out into the unknown by using the known as a stepping-stone.

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Metaphorical Strategic Alignment

Metaphorical stretch goals make it much easier to visualize them holistically and direct your super-powerful subconscious thinking towards them.

Metaphors help you also to set stretch goals on the way to your big dream.




Metaphorical Self-Motivation

Self-motivation nurtures your emotions that will guide you and facilitate reaching your goals.

Metaphors help you to visualize yourself as a person you want to be.

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Examples of Metaphorical Thinking

→ See your loving relationships as a beautiful flower that needs to be watered every day.

→ See a startup business plan not as a box to act within, but as a seed to grow.

→ See your marketing presentation not as a direct inside-out message, but as a bow arrow whose flight must be adjusted to the wind flexibly in order to hit the target.


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