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Barriers to Systems Thinking


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Three main barriers to systems thinking are inability to engage light-speed subconscious mind, lack of broad expertise, and linear thinking habits

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Growing Role of Systems Thinking

The complexity of systems grows with rapid development of IT. Mastering systems thinking means overcoming the major obstacles to inventing, designing and managing complex social, business, and economic systems.





Barrier #1

Inability to Engage Subconscious Mind

Light-speed subconscious mind works 100,000,000+ times faster than conscious mind and thus has far greater potential for understanding and inventing complex systems.


Subconscious Thinking


Holistic Thinking

Metaphorical Thinking



Napoleon Hill quotes

The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable.



How To Engage Subconscious Mind and think millions times faster  

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Barrier #2

Lack of Broad Expertise

Systems thinking requires broad cross-functional expertise and understanding of universal systems-thinking concepts, such as Five Basic Elements.


Lateral Thinking

Balanced Organization: Harmonize 5 Basic Elements




"American education has all the downsides of standardization, none of the upsides. Standardized and rigid curriculum treats teachers as untrustworthy slackers who need to be disciplined by measuring their output through standard lessons and evaluations. A system that promises to put the nationís kids through the same benchmarks on the same timetable is bad for everyone." ~ Cory Doctorow



Tagore quotes

The mind sharp, but not broad,
sticks at every point but does not move.






Barrier #3

Linear-Thinking Habits

There are deep subconscious and self-imposed conscious linear-thinking habits.

The most impactful deep subconscious linear-thinking habit is thinking is a linear language (for instance, English language) characterized by a strict order of parts of speech in a sentence: the subject of the sentence comes first, the verb comes second, and the object comes third. This subconscious strict-order thinking habit makes it difficult for a linear thinker to understand chaotic complex systems.

Just compare these two synonyms:

 system 系統

Which of these languages do you think develops systems-thinking abilities better?

This systems-thinking advantage explains
why China's economy grows faster in today's era of systemic innovation.

Self-imposed conscious barriers to systems thinking include unnecessary categorization, commitment to a step-by-step process and thinking in terms of input-output only.


Enemies of Thinking

Systems Thinking vs. English Thinking

Holistic Thinking

Holistic Thinking vs. Analytical Thinking

Holistic Thinking and All-inclusive Love

Holistic Thinking and Five Basic Elements

Holistic Intelligence

Holistic Creativity


5 Basic Elements

Business Systems

Balanced Business System

Systemic Innovation

Holistic Innovation

Harmonious Innovation

Innovation System




Boost your systems-thinking abilities!





Holistic Metaphors Create 'Aha!' Effect

Seeing the big picture or the full picture of a complex system is often challenging, but holistic metaphors, like 'The Tree' or 'The Jazz' can inspire instant understanding.




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