Traditional approaches

Strategic Innovation approach

Adopt a "present to future" orientation takes today as a starting point

"Starts with the end in mind" identifies long-term opportunities and then "bridges back to the present"

Assumes a rule-maker/taker (defensive/follower) posture

Assumes a rule-breaker (revolutionary) posture

Accepts established business boundaries / product categories

Seeks to create new competitive space / playing fields

Focus on incremental innovation

Seeks breakthrough, disruptive innovation while continuing to build the core

Follow traditional, linear business planning models

Marries process discipline with creative inspiration

Seek input from obvious, traditional sources

Seeks inspiration from unconventional sources

Seek articulated customer needs

Seeks unarticulated customer needs

Are technology-driven (seek consumer satisfaction)

Is consumer-inspired (seeks consumer delight)

May have a "one-size-fits-all" organizational model

May experiment with entrepreneurial "new ventures" or other organizational structures