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Jack Welch



Instill Confidence





Create a truly confident workforce. Confidence is a vital ingredient of any learning organization.

Self-confident people are open to good ideas regardless of their source and are willing to share them.

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Jack Welch advice business quotes

The 3Ss of winning in business are Speed, Self-confidence, and Simplicity. Just as surely as speed flows from simplicity, simplicity is grounded in self-confidence.

Jack Welch




Encourage employees to look well ahead

Taking the long view in their career will concentrate their mind on what they need to do in preparation for the next promotion. It is a test of their self-confidence. Nobody will have confidence in you unless you have confidence in yourself.


3Ss of Winning in Business


How To Build Confidence



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Turn people loose

Adopt an informal approach. Being informal is a big deal. Don't allow formalities to get in the way. Act in informal ways and set an informal style for others. Like simplicity, confidence thrives in an informal arena. Ignore hierarchical layers. Break the chain of command. Communicate freely up and down. Achieve wide personal contact. Make surprise visits. Send reams of handwritten notes.




Pay for performance as an entrepreneurial boss would pay.


Share Gains with Employees




Simplify the workplace

Simplify production and other processes. "By removing complexity from the workplace, you make it easier for people to achieve in their jobs. Ideas include communicating more informally and streamlining the most cumbersome forms and processes."




Provide training and coaching

In today's rapidly changing world, education, training and coaching should be a continuous life-long endeavor. Your core competence should be developing people: "In the end, great people make things happen."



Innovation Brainball (InnoBall)

Innompic Games




Let people know that you value their ideas

Outlaw autocracy and tyranny to help people to be open, to speak up, and to share. Involve employees in decision-making. "Everyone wants to know that their ides are valued (that was the lesson of GE Work-Out). You can add confidence to your own team simply by asking colleagues to voice their opinion, and showing that you value their judgment."




Give people independence and resources

Empower workers to flourish and grow. Let people manage their delegated business as they see fit. Remember however, that ďa mission cannot, and must not, be delegated to anyone except the people ultimately held accountable for it.


Business 10+ is People 10+

10 Keys to Empowerment

GE Work-Out





Encourage people to take big swings

The inevitable surge of self-confidence that grows in people who win leads to another natural outgrowth: simplicity.


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