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Design Strategies for Waste Recycling


Helen Lewis and John Gertsakis, authors of Design + Environment



Simple Products
(packaging and other single-material products)

Choose materials that are commonly recycled

Ensure that materials used for labels, adhesives and caps are compatible with the primary material (or can be removed in the recycling process)


Benefits of Prefab Steel Warehouse

Good Packaging Design: 10 Tips

New Product Design by IDEO





Disassembly and Recycling

Minimize material variety

Use compatible materials

Specify use of materials with recycled content

Consolidate parts

Reduce the number of assembly operations


Cleaner Production Strategies

Design for Environment

Brief Outline

Design for Waste Minimization





Simplify and standardize component fits and interfaces

Identify separation points between parts

Use water-soluble adhesives where possible

Mark materials to enhance separation




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