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The Greatest Know-How

Make universal Yin-Yang forces waltz-up

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Vadim Kotelnikov (VadiK), superintelligence speaker trainer

Among all intelligences (IQ, ChI, EI, P2I, CI, WI, XI, etc.), Yin-Yang Intelligence (YYI) is the most effectively efficient one.


The Yin-Yan law was designed by the Universe and tested by Eternity. Yin-Yang Intelligence (YYI) is also the most useful intelligence because it helps succeed in all areas of life and business if you know how make creative Yang and adaptive Yin waltz up towards your goal.





The Most Productive Know-How

The ultimate creative intelligence is Yin-Yang intelligence. It is about knowing how to make the universal forces of creative Yang and adaptive Yin waltz up as a harmonious whole towards a daring vision or a stretch goal.

  The Greatest Know How - make universal Yin-Yang forces waltz up



Some Applications of Waltz-Up Know How




Yin and Yang know how to waltz up, Yin-Yang intelligence  

•Treat negotiations as a partner dance and waltz up harmoniously towards a Win-Win agreement.

•Waltz up along a radical-innovation process from a disruptive idea towards creating a Blue-Ocean market.

•As a CEO or a Head of Growth, waltz up along a growth 10+ unchartered territory towards your stretch goal.

•Waltz up with your daring vision and user experiences towards creating a new trend in the target market.





PALA Rounds

Each PALA round has four steps: Prepare, Act, Learn, Adapt.

PA are Yang steps; LA are Yin steps.

First, prepare to win. Play entrepreneurial simulation games, like InnoBall (innovation Brainball) with your daring and promising idea to design the best implementation strategies and tactics. Then, jump and learn as you go. Ask learning SWOT questions after every major experiment to discover your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Adapt your strategies and tactics accordingly and move up.



The Greatest Know How - make universal Yin-Yang forces waltz up