The Two
Polar Energies

Yin and Yang represent two fundamental forces that create and harmonize the Universe by their interaction. These two opposite, conflicting forces are found in every action. They symbolize the two polar energies that, by their fluctuation and interaction, are responsible for the dynamic universe.



   The State of Peace, Good Fortune, and Success








Chinese Traditional Medicine

The energies of yin and yang that give birth to 5 Basic Elements are of great importance in traditional Chinese medicine and the overall attitude towards health.

The body is healthy only when yin and yang hold each other in balance. Too much yang causes heightened organic activity; too much yin causes an inadequate functioning of the organs.

The Chinese system of physiotherapy, or therapeutic exercises, is represented primarily in the practice of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, which is a system of exercises performed in close co-ordination with regulated breathing.

The exercises are comprised of thirty-seven movement patterns, the composition of which is regulated by the principles of yin and yang.


Chinese Cooking

How does the concept of yin and yang relate to food? 

A basic adherence to this philosophy can be found in any Chinese dish, from stir-fried beef with broccoli to sweet and sour pork. There is always a balance in color, flavors, and textures.

However, belief in the importance of following the principles of yin and yang in the diet extends further... More

Company's Vision

Corporate vision must both be driven by (Yin) and drive (Yang) the aspirations of its customers >>>

Business Success

The Tao helps you achieve much more with much less effort. This effortless skill comes from being in accord with reality. You can't tell the singer from the song. You can't tell the dancer from the dance. When you are in harmony with the Tao, when you go with its current  of energy, your innate intelligence takes over, and the right action happens by itself.

3Bs of Strategic Creativity

The Tao teaches you the art of living and doing business. It gives you advice that imparts perspective and balance. It applies equally well to the managing of a large organization or the running of a small business, to the governing of a nation or the leading a small team, to your personal development or to the coaching of others... More

Strategic Management

Yin: Practice customer driven innovation, benefit from your competitors,...

Yang: Surprise to Win Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, manage change and innovation proactively... More

Balanced Management

Effective Managerial Leadership Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book demands a delicate balance between sensitivity and authority, between loose and tight leadership style, between internal and external. You must also balance tradition and innovation to achieve sustainable growth and employee satisfaction. ... More

Attitude Motivation

Jazz of Innovation

Yin: Honor the structure

Yang: Embrace creative chaos and improvisation... More






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Yin-Yang of Achievement

Reflection (Yin):
Quiet your mind; take a "helicopter view" of the situation

Action (Yang):
Create positive energy; t
ake initiative; turn failures in opportunities... More


Happy Victor

Yin-Yang of Employee Empowerment

Yin: Listen to your people

Yang: Inspire, challenge imagination... More

Yin-Yang of Employee Motivation

Yin: Fear is a powerful motivator.

Yang: Burning desire, aspiration and ambition are great motivators... More




  Entrepreneurial Creativity: Yin and Yang  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book



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