Self-Assessment: Personal Strengts 10-3-1 model  

Benefits of Self-Knowledge

Successful people build on their strengths and core capabilities.

Self-audit leads to self-discovery and self-intelligence that gives you the inside track and helps you identify priority areas for self-improvement and personal growth.




Self-discovery offers you the insights and self-knowledge you need to play to your key strengths and design your life accordingly. It helps you also organize your work to make your weaknesses less relevant.



Discover Your True Self







Your Core Strengths: 10 to 3 to 1

What kind of person do you want to become?

What self-image do you mean to have as your ideal?

What are your strongest qualities you should keep on playing to on your journey to the ideal self?

List your 10 major strengths that will help you become your dream self.

Out of these 10 pick 3 most important strengths. Why did you choose these ones? Do they contribute most to your dream self?

Out of these 3 select 1 that you believe to be your most important strength.


Life Design

Life Vision

Life Mission

Life Is...

Empowerment from Within (Inpowerment)

SWOT Self-Analysis


Life Business Synergy


GROW Model

NLP Questions




Apply the Virtuous Spiral Wisdom

Sleep on your findings in order to engage your powerful subconscious mind. Adopt a beginner’s mind and repeat the “10 to 3 to 1” process, preferably early in the morning while your powerful subconscious mind is still half-awake.

Compare the yesterday’s and today’s “10 to 3 to 1” lists. Are they quite the same or very different? Choose the today’s list as the final one if the two lists are quite the same. If the two lists are quite different, go to the next curve of the virtuous spiral – repeat the “10 to 3 to 1” process tomorrow to fine-tune your list.


SWOT Self-Analysis




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Self-Assessment: Personal Strengths 10-3-1 model, examples


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