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The greatest know-how is
knowing how to engage your subconscious mind because it works millions times faster.

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In today's rapidly changing world,
"it's not the BIG that eats the SMALL,
it's the FAST that eats the SLOW!"

That's why people who mastered
light-speed subconscious thinking
win today!



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The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable.



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I think 99 times and find nothing.
I stop thinking, and the truth comes to me.




Our subconscious mind can invent complex systems overnight. It helps us discover and forecast.

Yet,  few people know how to master light-speed subconscious ideation, creativity and intuition, unfortunately.

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One should never impose one's views on problems; one should rather study it, and in time a solution will reveal itself.



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Never go to sleep without
a request to your subconscious.

Thomas Edison


Subconscious Thinking PowerPoint buy download author Vadim Kotelnikov  

This PowerPoint package is for teachers/trainers who want to help their students to think MILLIONS times faster!

STAND OUT as a teacher of smart & fast thinking!

30 inspirational lessons





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If you stop learning,
you stop creating history and become history.

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Master of Subconscious Thinking ebook by Vadim Kotelnikov download  

I learned how to turn my super-powerful subconscious mind on over 20 years ago.

I have been inventing new things every day ever since!




I'm happy to share this simple know-how with you.

I will help you STAND OUT as a teacher. It will also help your students STAND OUT as smart & fast thinkers.




You'll get 30 insightful smart & fast one-page lessons.

Each smart lesson consists of an inspirational PowerPoint slide and a half-page executive summary.

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All lessons are easy to put into practice.





Smart & Fast
one-page lessons

Inspirational slide


 half-page description


Strategic CreativityPowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download -Value Innovation Strategies, emfographicsPowerPoint presentation for Business Trainers download -Innovation, Disruptive Entrepreneur, take risk



Sample one-page lesson





List of 30 smart & fast lessons and sample slides



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Creativity e-book download divine subconscious conscious creativity Vadim Kotelnikov

How To Engage Subconscious Mind course PowerPoint slides for teachers Vadim Kotelnikov


Subconscious vs. Conscious

3 Levels of Creativity

3 Levels of Comprehension

Trust Your Intuitive, Wiser Self

Trust Your First Thought

Awaken Your Inner Genius

Intuition: Subconscious and Divine

Subconscious Intuition

Wise Listening: 3 Levels

Listen to the Universe

Relax to Lure Inspiration

Smart & Fast Thinker

Open-minded Attitude

Open Mind: 5 Keys

Creativity Perpetuum Mobile

Discovery: SARS Synergy

Subconscious Problem Solving

Invent While Sleeping

Ideate on Autopilot

How To Develop Serendipity

Metaphorical Thinking

3Bs of Strategic Creativity

Entrepreneurial Serendipity

Serendipity as Competitive Advantage

How To Anticipate Change

Marketing to the Subconscious

Ancient Taoist Meditation

Einstein of Subconscious Thinking

Edison on Subconscious Thinking

Napoleon Hill on Mind Power





Master Keys to Your Great Achievements!




  Subconscious Thinking Intuition Creativity Serendipity ebook buy download Vadim Kotelnikov

slides for
teachers / trainers

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Good teachers teach. Great teachers inspire.

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