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Teach PERSONAL SUCCESS in a smart & fast way




100+ PowerPoint slides with Executive Summaries

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Rich source of ideas for innovation

Creative cutting-edge solutions

Lessons from great achievers

Eye-opening slides

Insightful half-page summaries

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Easy to Tailor to Your Needs

Each slide comes with a half-page description. It is a complete lesson.

You can structure your presentation and assemble slides in any way you need.





Don't be just somebody, be GREATbody.

You were born to pursue your true passion and make a difference.

Miracle quotes personal success Vadim Kotelnikov

Winners approach impossible as possible.

Losers approach possible as impossible.




Greatest PowerPoint slides for personal and business teachers, trainers by Vadim Kotelnikov, inspirational e-Coach  

Synergistic combination of breakthrough and classic concepts

Short and insightful lessons

Emfographics-powered slides

Real-life examples

Inspirational photograms










and selected smart-&-fast lessons


Passionate & Happy Missionary

Discover Yourself and Your True Passion

Discover Your Life Mission

All-inclusive Love

Life-Business Synergy

Smart Worker and Great Achiever

8 Habits of a Great Achiever

Stretch Goals

The Wheel of Personal Success



NLP Techniques

Effective Leader and Value Creator

Leader 360

Create Greater Value for Others

Be a HOSTer − Help Others Succeed and Thrive

People Skills

Inspire Others

Powerful Attitudes and Mindsets

You Are What You Think

Breakthrough FICAP Attitudes

6 Mindsets of a Great Achiever

Open-Minded Attitude

Visionary, Strategist, Breakthrough Thinker

Strategic Creativity

Holistic Thinking

Strategic Thinking

Strategic Focus

Thinking Outside-the-Box

Smart & Fast Decision Maker

Creativity & Problem Solving Skills

3 Levels of Creativity

Two Creativity Catalysts

Creativity Perpetuum Mobile

4 Levels of Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving

Turning Problems To Opportunities




... and much more!






Teach PERSONAL SUCCESS in a smart & fast way




Personal Success 360

100+ PowerPoint slides with Executive Summaries




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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Teachers teach, great teachers inspire

Teachers teach,

Innovative teachers are gold. Innovative teachers who help others become more innovative are diamonds.


Inspire others
to awaken their inner gen us!


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Those who stop learning,
stop creating history and become history.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Teach PERSONAL SUCCESS in a smart & fast way


100+ PowerPoint slides with Executive Summaries





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It activates innovation, creativity, and inspiration

The content is of a high calibre and easily assimilated

Thank you for making a positive difference in my life.

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I have only one word: EXCELLENT!

I'm so so impressed!

You are a genius and a blessing to this generation!

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Your teachings and philosophy are my guiding light

Impressive content! Innovative approach!




Teach PERSONAL SUCCESS in a smart & fast way


100+ PowerPoint slides with Executive Summaries





US$ 49

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Invest ones,
benefit forever!







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