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The secret of China economic growth Wei Di Business e-Coach Vadim Kotelnikov

"Translated in Chinese, Business e-Coach helped China to transform itself to an entrepreneurial rapid-growth economy."

~ Ye Shangjie, STTE

Vadim Kotelnikov Wei Di cover Chinese S&T journal


Manisha Acharya, India

Thank you for inspiring me to boost my cross-functional creativity and thus win the prestigious Miss Innovation World award.

Manisha Acharia

India flag


Michael Zelin, best university teacher USA, best innovation guru, Innompic Games

Surfing e-Coach is a highly rewarding investment of time because it inspires creativity, and creativity is the greatest reward.


USA flag


Carolline Ballweg advice quotes

I  love your visions and business spirit!



So much value in your content, Vadim! I'm going through the content and genuinely believe a lot more startups need to have this knowledge in order to thrive in today's marketplace.

Emmanuel Ndonga

Kenya flag




Your work and your site is BRILLIANT. It is THE BEST SELF TRAINING TOOL that I have come across. Universities and Schools of Business should have this as a standard resource.

Alan Wein

Bulgaria flag creativity innovation entrepreneurship


Congratulations!! The best Management Consultants’ Bible I know.

Dimitar Hristov


Vadim, you are a rare breed. God bless you with good health as you continue to shine the light.

Ginga Emile Ande


I'm very impressed by the content of the Business e-Coach. All are pretty innovative approach.

Rick Yang

Cyprus flag creativity innovation entrepreneurship


You are a living creativity example!

Costas Konis


Many thanks Vadim for who you are and what you give us.

Christine Tschiember

Germany flag creativity innovation entrepreneurship


The e-Coach produces a 'bomb effect'!

Mikael Henzler

India flag creativity innovation entrepreneurship


I am a great fan of your e-Coach and it motivates me to drive my carrier in IP & Innovation management.

Pinaki Ghosh


I wish to thank the founders of Innompic Games for providing our SAIMians with such creative opportunities!

Sabina Tuladhar


Vadim, you are a genius and a blessing to this generation.

Pastor Daniel Afolayan-Cameo

South Africa

Your teachings, experience and philosophy are my guiding light. Your e-Coach is just the best resource for aspiring change leaders.

Anne Wolfaardt


As an actor, I love the inspirational e-Coach because it boosts my creativity by widening my horizons, offering diverse insights, and prompting me to ask myself open creative questions.

Dennis Kotelnikov


One day, I hope people will call you blessed.

Ikrimah Assuni


It has been such a great experience for me to read your e-Coach. I have greatly benefited from the very simple explanations and testimonies from other companies experiences!!

Martin Imalingat


E-Coach! Don’t ask me what’s here because the answer is, Everything. And lots of fascinating original stuff too. E-Coach is sure to brighten up your day. Brilliant!

Eric Garner


The Olympics of Innovation today is the Innompics. The time to innovate innovation is here and all the better to help us out of this global recession.

Thomas Ruddy


As a leadership trainer, I was most inspired by your e-Coach. I've just read BE MAD that truly awaken my mind to a greater level of imagination… WOW, Vadim, you are a Genius. I am glad I have connected with a great Innovator of this Century, I am truly humbled.

Peter Chikumba




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Fantastic courses!

CIME Project

  Antigua and Barbuda


I am excited about my first package. Can you please make recommendation from the courses you have for me, that will help me in my church development and expansion? I will purchase it.

Rev. Dr. Claire McGarrell




Your work and your site is BRILLIANT. It is THE BEST SELF TRAINING TOOL that I have come across. Universities and Schools of Business should have this as a standard resource.

A.Wein, Entrepreneur Consultant & Professor, RMIT University


The information on your site is fantastic!

Marcus Chacos, Director, Integrated Natural Therapies Pty. Limited


(About Ten3 Business e-Coach, and :  A great concept extension with the free website. WOW!

Anne Asha, Founder and CEO, Quantum Point





Dear Sir,

I'm really impressed by your web-site. It is very informative, it helps people learn and increase their management knowledge. Thank you very much and I hope God will keep you under his blessing.

Ebrahim Shams

Excellent work!

A. Alammadi, Aspen Consulting




We are truly impressed having your resource base! Would
you please recommend the possible ways to be affiliated to It would be a great honor for us.

Md. Julius Sony, Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited




I visited your wonderful site and offer you my sincere congratulations. As a more than 22 year consultant and founder of a consultancy in Brazil (Interconsult Gestão Empresarial), and (before that) a 20 years experience of an executive of Akzo Nobel in various countries, I have to state that on strategy, tools of management, modern application of business transformation, etc., I never met a professional and creative approach and presentation as high as in your site.

Jan van Uden, Interconsult Gestão Empresarial - São Paulo



Congratulations!! The best Management Consultants’ Bible I know.

Dimitar Hristov, Managing Director, HIRON Management Consulting Ltd.




It is very interesting that you have built this learning tool for innovative synergy realization in turbulent new economy so that I feel that I just want to visit your website again and again. A country like Cambodia is now in emerging trends due to its reform to make its change in the region. It, therefore, need badly assistance to bring this transition with success.

Arun Yem, Uniderwiter and Treaty




Thank you for making a positive difference in my life.

Mike Hopley


I have just been surfing your material...WOW!

Lee Primeau, President, Leader Shift Inc.


You are a noble man offering free e-coaching to assist people change their mindsets. According to me the biggest social and philanthropic work anyone can do is change the mindset of the society to look at life in entrepreneurial way rather than employment. Well done and I am really proud of you.

Firoz Shroff, Idea Sponsor and Founder, Social Entrepreneurship Consortium INC


I have discovered your website years ago and very pleased I did. I have learned a lot for my work and apply your advice every day.

Nadine Fagegaltier


Your e-Courses are incredibly rich in information, tips, and just plain common sense. All my years in business and graduate business school can't hold a candle to what you have.

Tom West, Technical Toolboxes Canada Ltd.


I was very impressed with the depth of the information provided.

Nancy Gauthier, Consultant, Department of National Defense


You have an amazing site, with detailed information that is phenomenal.

Darren Weeks, Founder, FastTrack2CashFlow


My compliments on a most wonderful site! I continue to be impressed with everything I see. Whenever I show your slides in my workshops, I always tell participants that if there is one link I want them to go to from all those I mention is The 1000ventures.

Bruna Martinuzzi, Clarion Enterprises


What a lovely website. Great job!!

Robert Matula, University of Victoria


Vadim, I love your materials, and I will use them more widely. I really praise you for what you have done! If you ever come to Toronto, I would like to have the honour of meeting you personally, and learn from your advice as to how I can best use your materials for people here in Toronto.

Nelson Kung, the author of
Built to Last: How to Build an Effective, Disciple-Making Church with Love and Patience




You are a living creativity example!

Costas Konis




As I was scrolling wondering about what the 5th element of the universe was, I came across to your site. You have full of educational information for success. Thank you for making this available.

Marta "Honey Boughtme"


I would like to appreciate your unreserved effort to provide valuable motivational tips. It is a life changing innovative idea. I always read your business tips.

Taye Gemechissa




Your products are both deep and compact, which makes reading, understanding, remembering and applying easy.

Marjatta Pietilä, Environcom Oy

I got the material, superior! Helps a lot my thinking. I will be your most happy client going for future. Really good material, helps me to analyse my company and what we should focus on. Thank you!

Pia Vuohelainen, Idean, Finland




Many thanks Vadim for who you are and what you give us.

Christine Tschiember


Ten3 is great – it is as an open virtual book what I can imagine (my) cells brain are thinking. The east & west bridge is so bright. I am very impressed by the way you manage & organize your data.

Pascal Papillon, ARC Innovation


Your site is complete, very up to date, and extremely helpful for anyone dealing with management and business practices. Congratulations, and keep going.

Patrick Papas, GPH Conseil


Thank you for your web-site. I've read a lot of articles and I will read more. It is a good place to learn!

Huifang Jia, Esc-Clermont



The e-Coach produces a 'bomb effect'!

Mikael Henzler, Adelphi


I  love your visions and business spirit!

Carolin Ballweg


I  am really impressed by your web site which helped me in my studies in International Automotive Engineering. This is one of the best site for management module I have visited. Thank you.

Sayyed Jahid Nazir



Thank God for running into your site. I have been looking for this for a long time!

Arthur Denge, Arthur&Chill Plc


Thank God for your life and wonderful ideas.

Since I had this website, my whole life, mindset and business development abilities have completely changed for the better. This is the best thing that ever happened to my business. It is very practical and real.

Gideon Okweesi Acquaah, CEO, Centre for Human Excellence Ltd.



I'm a marketing student from Hungary. During my studies I have used many concepts and ideas from, and frankly, all of them worked extremely well.

Koppány Gordos, Student


India best business education online  India


Thank you for helping me boost my expertise and  thus win the prestigious Miss Innovation World award.

Manisha Acharya


Your innovative attitude inspires!

Lalit Kumar


21st century website !!!! .. Since knowledge is going to play a major role, your site is perfect place to network with. Success !!

Manjunatha Maiya, Philips BOP Office


Have gone through your web site and have only one word: EXCELLENT!

Prof Ravi Chhabra, Financial Consultant & Corporate Trainer


This site is a university on management in the net.

Sharan Saravanan, Entrepreneur from Chennai


I am a great fan of you and am completely amazed to see the website and the kind of information it has. All the topics are simply superb and I feel they are all very well written to help anyone under the sky.

Krishna Kumar. A., HBL Corporate Communications


I am very happy to see such an informative site on innovation and IP.  I feel happy to be working in the area of specialization. All the best to you.

Subhadip Sarkar, Senior IP Specialist, Infosys Technologies Limited


I am a great fan of your e-Coach and it motivates me to drive my carrier in IP & Innovation management.

Pinaki Ghosh, Infosys Technologies Limited


A good innovative warehouse, being background to enhance our thinking on innovation for transforming mined stuff to develop a challenging career.

A.Venkat Rama Rao, Sr .Tech Specialist, Infosys Technologies Limite


Thank you so much for running excellent knowledge spreading website like this. It is an ultimate site providing tons of information in so many areas. I really wonder how you were able to collate and publish this much of information at one place.
I would like to be a trainer on some of the topics and concepts on your site. Could you please advice me on what needs to be done to change my career as a trainer?

Bhargava Pillutla, Tata Consultancy Services


Your knowledge is so amazing and your ability to convey it even better.

Rosemarie Saldanha, APCTT


It is boosting my creativity!

Udaysinh Patil,Director, Patco Plantation (P) Ltd.


Your website is beautiful, informative and excellent.

M.P. Bhattathiri, Retired Chief Technical Examiner, Govt. of Kerala


This site is absolutely over-whelming!!! It has so much useful content in there... and it is unbelievable how many links you have... e-coach is like a tree of knowledge... where you can keep clicking and reaching so many different sections of the site....

Pooja Sharma, Continental Suraksha


I am impressed with your zeal to support entrepreneurs.

Dr.A.S.Rao, Hon.President, Indian Innovators Association

I am impressed with the quality of the modules that are available for training.

Dr. Kamlesh Misra, Director, Institute for International Management & Technology


I have gone through some of the case studies presented on your websites on various topics like implementation of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma etc. in India. They are truly amazing and very informative.

Amit Gupta, CII Northern Region



Huge! Inspiring! Great!

Your work has been a great contribution for million of people, especially by providing resources for entrepreneurship and business organization development.

Imran R. Kartawijaya, IRKa


You have an excellent product worthy to be proud of.

Kusnadi Salim, PT Synergy Kinetics Indonesia


We highly appreciate your revolutionary invention of that offers valuable resources to entrepreneurs.

Abel Hasballah, Cluster Internasional




Congratulations! It's just great!

Javad Nasiri, Graduate School of Management and Economics


I always thought about Creating an Inner Coach in Organizations and when I saw your site talking about a Coaching Organization than I realized that is what I was searching for, but with a different terminology. I just found your site and I'm so happy to find out about "Coaching Organizations".

Delbar Niroushak




I've been studying your slides and they are great! Thank you!

Iacopo Grigolato, Licenced Trainer


My sincere congratulation! Your portal includes enormous and very interesting stuff.

Adam M. Gadomski, Head of High-Intelligence and Decision Research Group, ENEA


Very OK Your web site!!! Thank you for your work for SMEs.

Gandolfi Guglielmo, B&Wseas




Your programs are the most impressing I have ever dealt with. I am a consultant in Jordan and the Middle East. Ten3 Mini-courses are extremely well done.

Luay Istanbuli, Consultant




So much value in your content, Vadim! I'm going through the content and genuinely believe a lot more startups need to have this knowledge in order to thrive in today's marketplace.

~ Emmanuel Ndonga


This is a true life feature. It's really empowering thank you like so much promising to work for good achievement.

~ Flomena Rutto


I love you articles. They are very rich and inspiring!

~ Sharken Moses


This is an excellent website!. It is a very important resource for managers. It has become my new reference point. Thank you.

~ Caroline Masika


I am been impressed by the e-tool for coaching. I am particularly impressed by the fact that innovation is about breaking rules whilst managers win by following rules. This is good new way of looking at corporate governance.

~ Christopher Siambe


Malaysia flag waving Malaysia


Congratulations on your outstanding achievements! I have been your user for many years in Malaysia. Cheers!

FOO Chow Lee, Owner, SME Consultancy


I love your website – It is so informative.

M. Shakila, Conference Producer, LSW International Sdn. Bhd.


This is the first time I've come across your website and I'm so so impressed.





We are a very excited with the information, tools, etc., that you have and we want to know if there is the Spanish version and could we be your representative in Mexico.

José Javier Cortes P., TenStep Latinoamerica


Here in México we have a very poor entrepreneurial culture and I liked the way you treat this subjects, they look simple but powerful, and I think they will be very well accepted.

José Ricardo Zea Grayeb, Business Consultant




Dear Vadim,
Today you made my day when I discovered your inspirational work on the worldwideweb. Your contributions are truly amazing and inspiring. You really demonstrate that you love the world by sharing the wisdom gathered from so many sources in the global history. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will do my utmost to assist other people by sharing in my happiness.

Anne van Muijen


Great stuff! I would like to do business with you because of your innovative approach.

Hubert Rampersad, President, Quality Management Consulting


I have spend the whole morning looking at your various products : SUPER!

Errie Plantagie


Love innovated business blackboard.

Prince David Ogboru


  New Zealand


I live in New Zealand.  You know the little country downunder, next to Australia.  I am so impressed by your website that I just wanted to congratulate you.  In my wildest dreams I could not believe that a team of people could put together a resource like this.  It is interesting as to what it has done for me.  I instantly trust you and want to work with you.

Dean Prebble, Neurocell


I am studying our Organisation and your web site has been a huge help to me. Many thanks for providing easy and simple information to help me.

Karen Rutherford


I work for the Lion Nathan School of Business, a private tertiary education provider in New Zealand. We offer our students a unit standard on Strategic Management Concepts. We found your excellent resource on this topic and request your permission to reproduce some pages for the benefit of our students.

Lakshmi Patel, Lion-Nathan School of Business


I am impressed with the quality and scope of the Ten3 Business e-Coach software tool you're offering.

Dr. Iain Sanders, Sustainable Innovative Solutions Ltd.

Your website is awesome! It helped me a lot for my exam in Entrepreneurial Management.

Anders Rustad, Unitec


Only a Russian could have created it!

John Blackham, President, XSol Ltd.


Nigeria best business education online  Nigeria


Vadim, you are a genius and a blessing to this generation.

~ Pastor Daniel Afolayan-Cameo


Wonderful! I have been using your e-Coach and slides since 2001. Keep up the good work.

~ Mathew E. Egu is out of this world!

Terryfic Otobong


In my opinion, you should be included in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most resourceful person alive. You can't be outsmarted. Always a Thought Leader! Your kind of persons are capable of making some people go against their limiting beliefs and core ethics. Like supporting cloning of your person. The world need more of you.

Chima Fabian Eni


You have turned rookies to consultants. How did you get to this? Very impactful!

Francis Ikenga, Strategy Unit, Head Office, Fidelity Bank


I love Ten3. God bless the owners of Ten3.

Charles Oriaku, Business Consultant


I think I am addicted to your site sir ...thank you very much for all you have there.

Tayo Aroloye, Writer. Social Entrepreneur


I'm being transformed! I'm grateful to Vadim.

Odo-Agbo Simonmary


This is real inspiration.

Irene Lope Magiri, The Australian National University


Have been following your programmes via the internet. You are a great teacher and mentor to so many people!

Park Victor


One of the best educating sites. Well done!

Adepitan Ogundipe


Vadim Kotelnikov, thank very u much for your rich information you are indeed a great e-coach and a successful businessman. I admire your website and its powerful information. I am about to start an online business and it will be of great pride to me to have you as my coach and mentor

Benjamin Ochuko


I have been inspired by your various management topics over the last few months. I wish to let you know that you are raising business and training champions here in Nigeria (even when I know you are far away) through your various free short courses/slides. I am a 37yr old management trainer whose appetite for impacting knowledge knows no bounds and I dare say that my contact with has really uplifted my capacity.

Uche Onyemobi




Extraordinary efforts for publishing information on various topics like Management, Organisation & other topics which are very very interesting and described well with valuable informative.

Maj (R) Muhammad Naeemuddin.Khalid, Council Member CSP Islamabad Chapter




Its unbelievable how smart intelligent you are by sharing whats on your mind and not being greedy to share it.. everytime every letters its amazing and inspiring!! wowowowow! thank you so much for this.

Grace Dela Cruz


You've just proved to me that good people still exist. Thanks for sharing this gigantic knowledge unconditionally.

Felicidad Benchie B. Fortuno




My Ace Hardware Co. is mature and I am reinventing our approach to the market. I just found your site and have only begun to study some of your methods that so far appear to be very helpful.

Jim Maze, Acewarsaw



Rich resource! I admire your talent of communicator and the dedication to coaching.

Carmen Iliescu, Management Consultant



Thank you for your e-Coach. It's just amazing!

Kirill Andreev, PEB Publishing House


I'm very interested in your site and your projects. Very educational! I'm new in business and your material is very helpful, a lot of thanks!

Tatyana Kireeva, Teacher


 Saudi Arabia


This is extremely exceptional all-in-one wealthy enlightening site. With its wide spectrum of knowledge fields, it is really inspiring and encouraging to all innovators and entrepreneurs who are seeking distinctiveness either on the personal or on the corporate levels... I do highly respect and admire the vision and mission you have adopted.

I am a management consultant that highly appreciate your knowledge and effort and found my self oblige to say THANK YOU Dr. Vadim Kotelnikov.

Ali H. Awari, President, AHA & Partners Mgmt. Consulting Firm


Thank you for all the good effort you put in this website... It is very informative, attractive, and friendly.  I wish you all the luck... Keep up your gooooood effort.

Faisal AL-Mutairi, Career Development, Sabic


I really like your courses.  I am a doctor, and I am enjoying them.

Dr. Fuad Jamal Mussa, Arrow Food Distribution Ltd.


Keep up the good work!

Romeo Noel M. Panimdim, King Fahd Medical City



It beat us, we thought/judge those in that Sechelles Seychelles had high esteemed for their past Soviet and current Russian workings, heritage ‒ obviously not, having introduce 1000 Venture there in 2000 and what have been going since.

Mitchel J Edmond




One day, I hope people will call you blessed.



Very impressive! is like the work of a genius – at least for me. What impressed me more were the underlying values of
synergy and ecology. Your approach is inspiring and I wish to work with you as mentor or advisor.

Rona Putnawe, National Trade Union Congress


Congratulations on your excellent resource. It is impressive, useful and professional. It is probably the best one-stop management and training resource on the web that I've encountered.

Lionel L Lim, Aurora Executive Solutions


I have visited your e-Coach's website many times and I must say that I am most impressed with the tons of useful insights, success tips, advice and impressive PowerPoint slides you have out up at your website. This is an indication of your professionalism and willingness to share.

Wendy Kwek, Executive Directions



This is just to say "Thank You!" Browsing Internet is not efficient and time consuming. But your web site is exceptional.

Mariana Mrovèáková, Business Consultant, Logica CMG



We like these courses, it is very useful. we are volunteers a non profit organization in Somalia. Thanks a lot.

Hussein Abdullahi Mohamad

South Africa best business education online  South Africa


Your teachings, experience and philosophy are my guiding light.

Anne Wolfaardt, General Manager, iBurst


Of all the websites I have ever seen, the best one is yours.

Atul Padalkar, Owner, Dr Padalkar's Research Resources


I am an entrepreneur and have recently started up my own business.  I have been implementing the principles learned from your “Smart & Fast Entrepreneur” series of e-coaching modules, and have found them to be revolutionary in my own life.  

Trevor Hartley


I am presently investigating the establishment of a Technology Transfer Centre for SMEs in South Africa and I am very interested in learning more about Ten3. It would seem from what I have accessed on your web page that you have carried out extensive research and that you advocate and have implemented Technology Transfer Centres as a means of technology transfer to SMEs. It would appear that the models that you use and your extensive networks would be well suited to the South African scenario.

Nick Wood, Enterprise Development Centre


Just a quick note to compliment you on an outstanding and informative site. Thoroughly enjoy my navigation.

Georgina Barrick, The Profesional Assignments Group (PAG)


 Sri Lanka


I am an entrepreneur and interested in Knowledge Management where knowledge is experience. I have been particularly interested about NLP and CBT and Buddhist Philosophy. While browsing the net I came across your work and found very interesting.

Now I have seen Omar Khan and Steven Covey but their approach is narrow to South Asian cognitive patterns and values. In short their styles of coaching have failed to create a holistic feeling in the audience. But I think your approach would surprisingly but truly will be accepted down here.

Dimuthu Calyaneratne




I recently finished my MBA-Program at the California Coast University-USA by distance learning. I'm already a part-time lecturer at a Training Company. After reading your site I was really completely amazed and exited. I love training and I always planned to do Business Training/Consultancy for myself. I'm now totally convinced that I don't need to look further. You're Program and Training Approach and System have everything I need to build my own Training/Consultancy Practice. I have now decided to become a devoted member of your Ten3 Program, and want to build a very long lasting relationship...

...I can't tell you how glad and proud I am to be a member of the Ten3 Organization. It has opened professional opportunities for me. I have very recently started my own small training-centre, and the Ten-3 courses and synergistic approach are at the heart of my training program.

Dennis de Keyzer



Hi! I 'm a Swazi national from a small landlocked country in Southern Africa called Swaziland.I am so inspired by your wonderful resource on the website. It is so useful and professional. Congratulations.

Nompie Ntshalintshali


Thank you very much for such valuable information.

Phumelela Shongwe, Senior Marketing Manager, SwaziTelecom




I would like to congratulate you on your success and achievements. I found your Business e-Coach at such a great asset, that I even set your site as my homepage.

Mayyad Etoom, Knowledge Management Solutions




Nicely prepared, got much benefit. Congratulations!

Erol Ilmez, Ford


I am a Canadian educated person. I am in Turkey for about two years now. I have purchased Innovation Management series and Business success strategies courses. I liked them very much.

Turgut Abacıoğlu, Managing Partner, Technology Partnering Group Ltd.


The structure of your site is very attractive and informative. Excellent job.

TKadir Uskup, Manager, Uzel Corporation - Strategy & Information Systems




It has been such a great experience for me to read your e-Coach. I have greatly benefited from the very simple explanations and testimonies from other companies experiences!!

Martin Imalingat, Uganda National Bureau of Standards


I was inspired by the quotes and writings. I wish people read it.

Robert Kunonya


We are about to sign an agreement with one leading government industrial research body in Uganda whereby we shall start and operate a programme through which ICTs could improve the performance of SMEs in the country. In fact, your literature on the subject was one of the valuable tools we relied upon in preparing our proposal for this project.

Wanakwakwa Job, Functional Communications Facilitator / LOG`EL Project


I visited your website and checked out the demo training and find them fascinating. I have been searching for training resources tailored to meet the knowledge requirements of Corporate Executives in my part of the world and I think your products are the answer.

Emmanuel Ediau


  United Arab Emirates


I'm an MBA student and your site helps me understand so many subjects!

Khalid Alsuri, MBA Student, Abu Dhabi




Vadim, I hope that you are still full of inspiration to others! I just got across your Business e-Coach web resource - it's helpful and what is more important - it's applicable. Good luck to you and ...Spasibo!

Sergey Bratusyov, Brand Manager, Nestle Ukraine


Vadim, you are pure gold!

Taras Manchuk


UK best business education online  United Kingdom


E-Coach! Don’t ask me what’s here because the answer is, Everything. And lots of fascinating original stuff too. I was particularly attracted to models called “The Jazz of Innovation” and “The Tao of Business Success”. In fact, there’s so much that it’s the sort of site you reserve for a rainy Sunday afternoon when there’s not much else to do. It’s sure to brighten up your day. Brilliant!

Eric Garner, Author of "Manage, Click, Learn" e-book featuring 100 best e-learning websites


I have been fortunate to discover your informative and highly evolved business site. The site itself is clear and well constructed. The information content is of a high calibre and easily assimilated.

Isabel Miller Virga


I found your excellent business e-coach pages on the web. Is it possible for me to provide a link from our own web pages to yours? We are a training organisation in the UK and frequently get asked to provide information about good sources of information on the web.

Christopher Bowerman, Tripos Consultants

Nice to have chance to browse 
You have done a great work and I have learnt a lot from it!
Z Chang, MBA Student, Cardiff University

Your site is very informative and easy to learn. Hardly any assignment I ever submit without considering your site. Keep it  the good work.

Syed Abbas, Student, University of Warwick


Christmas has come early! God bless you for this gift. Thank you Thank You

Shilane Patel, KPO Consulting


USA best business education online  United States


I enjoy your work on 1000venture. I always refer it to my trainees and students of my leadership program.

Lan Bercu, President of Lead Across Cultures Intl.


Thank you so much for your awesome self!

Sharon Goodwyn


I admire your diverse interests and activities and the contribution you are making in the world!

Sondra Sen, Author of International Business Interacts


Great models and particularly like the Spiritual Development integration you are introducing. My guess is that you yourself are travelling the Spiritual path.

Vitaly Geyman, CEO, Passion to Profit Academy


Sir, you are an inspiration. All of your projects are amazing and I feel like your thoughts are my thoughts that have been within me. Thank you so much!

... I would like to share that I had a moment of breaking down today. I am doing my best to listen to my soul and live in my purpose but I have not figured it out yet. I went on your site (I visit very often) and read "Your Life Symphony". After reading it over a few times, I felt calm. I love all of your content. You are a true Inspirational Leader. Thank you.

MaiLani Benjamin


I just wanted to thank you for all of the labor that you put into your sites. You are an absolute genius!

Rubin Cheek, Apropos Corporate Designs (ACD)


1000ventures radiates excitement in its quest to activate innovation,
creativity and inspiration in its visitors.

Hotel Resource


The author's contribution of this site to our human journey on the planet is immeasurable. Thank you. I am grateful.

Kevin Walters


This is an incredible business learning and coaching site. I found it by looking for information about successful business entrepreneurs who profited from their focus on building strategic relationships. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge and your resources before asking for anything in return. It's nice to run into a company who shares my same belief about helping others because it makes our world a better place.

Deborah McMaster, Founder, Orange County Executive Network

Vadim Kotelnikov provides an exceptional service for professors, trainers and consultants. He has compiled the latest thinking in management consulting and academic circles and presents it in very colorful and information packed slides. In addition, the slides can be printed in note pages, which extensively elaborate on the slide points. A wealth of practical strategies and techniques in organizational effectiveness are presented in a visually appealing format. A must buy!

Michael A. Knaus, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pfeiffer University Graduate School of Business


We firmly believe that the Ten3 Business e-Coach is the missing link between business startup and business success.

Fred Nelsen, NAAC


Your creative mind is great to be near.

Bert Falls, CEO, VTSR Management


This is a really amazing site. I appreciate this great positive and motivational information and the time it took to put it all together. I appreciate you. PEACE!

Brian McKoy's Motivation and Inspiration Station


Your e-coaching materials is truly wonderful.

Lionel Evans, Dolphin Encounters


Great stuff – I will be recommending your tools.

Bill Foster, SPHR, Profiles International, Inc.


I think your website is amazing and it provides a wealth of information for aspiring managers.

Jim Clouser, Author


Please let me know how we can partner with you, your material is fantastic.

Susan Dickerson, Director of Operations, Lemco Management Group, Inc.

This site is incredible.  I stumbled across it looking up some articles on self-leadership development.  The amount of information is outstanding.  I can't say much more than thank you.  This gesture seems so insignificant in comparison to what this service offers.  Thanks again and  for the teachings and insights.

Garland Grant, BS, CHT, Baxter Healthcare


Thank you for your powerful sites which are changing my personal life and work. I found you at the right time in my life!  This is pure brilliance and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Peace to you!

Teresa Blair, Coordinator, Points of Light Foundation & Volunteer Center National Network


I just wanted to let you know that I happened to run across your web site by accident--and, I love it!  I am the former President of the International Management Council that is an educational program of the YMCA.  Our organization was designed to teach managers how to manage and leaders how to lead.  Your web site offers a lot of great ideas.  Thank you for all you do!

Peggy Bane, Goodman & Company


I found your website in 2003. I recognized the content and emphasis of my MBA books and articles. Your focus is what energizes me!

Karl Kovach, Senior Consultant, Global Pharmaceutical Company


Your web-site it's the best by far, informative and well organized.

Polo Alberto, Med-Simple


We are studying different management styles and your articles sum up what we've been talking about the best I've seen.

Jon Dillon


This is great site!

Stan J. Finkelstein, Intel


I am very intrigued by so much of what I see on your TEN3 web site.  Not only am I learning, I am also finding new ideas are coming to mind along with sets of questions.

Roland Vogel, Benz Mayer Pfleuger Vogel


This is my first visit to you site and it is fantastic, I have never seen one like it.

Amer AlKarnous, Financial Service Company


I am a teacher at a local community college in the Phoenix metro area. I am currently adding content to an Information Assurance (IA) course for my college students. Many of my students are older adults and grew up in an industrial economy, and have difficulty grasping the change to an information/knowledge-based economy. Before we ca discuss how vital IA is to our business they must first be able to contrast the old with the new. I have never read an article that describes this concept as well as your article "Transition to New Economy Knowledge-based Economy"

Randol Larson, Estrella Mountain Community College


I read your webpage and bells started ringing for me!

Zachrey Helmberger, Would-be Entrepreneur


I came across your site from a search on Google, and it generated great interest from me personally.

Jonathan Wolf, Competitive Advantage Strategist


Dear Mr. Kotelnikov, I am impressed with your tech-transfer ideas. Bravo!

Jamie Kaplan, IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin


It's an exciting project and website. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Derrick Palmer, Principal, InnovationPoint LLC


It is very insightful for me.

Shashank Dubey, Production Manager, Teradyne Inc.


Great site.  I am currently providing a coaching campaign for a national company with its roots in Utah.  I have browsed your site many times and been impressed with the flow of information.

Curtis Reed, The Tax Club


Your website is wonderful.  Thank you for all the information.

Anna S. Paine, Terra Firma - Organization Change


I must give up you thumbs up on the nature and completeness to your website. I find it most revealing and on the cutting edge of 21st century business excellence and sustainability.

Paul Thompson, Business Consultant


Love your site. It thrives of motivation.

Robert Gallagher, Operations Sergeant, MSG, USA


WOW This is one of the best website I ever seen, it become one of my daily routine website, it is very informative and helpful website specially when it comes to business.

Mohammad Arif Khan (Ralph Khan)


I was surfing the net for my human resources management class and came across your site. It is absolutely one of the best sites I have seen. It is full of a wealth of information that I can refer to for class and also use at work. I am a supervisor in a manufacturing business and the information is good source of reading and application that I can apply at work. Great job!

Harry Munson, Northrop Grumman


Yours is a fabulous Website with excellent content and presentation. We are trying to institute a coaching program here and I used your site for information to help get us started.

Mindy Caspary, Bruce and Merrilees Electric Company


Great management site, with incredible amount of information. I teach Nursing leadership and have used your site many times and have referenced it in my syllabus for my students to use. Thank you.

Marianne Darden


Your business site is overwhelming! I reside in Philadelphia, USA. I am a
project management specialist working to build a consulting career in managing joint ventures in Africa.

Robinson Akiri


I liked the information on your site. Very inspiring.

Tom Bailey


Thanks for making available to the global learners your knowledge resources.

Cecilia Andal


The partners of the Prophet Group are very impressed with you business coaching e-course.

Steven Chaisson, Operational Manager of The Prophet Group


Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments!

Buck Lawrimore, CEO, Total Success Center


I came across your web site and I am thrilled about it.

Gajendra Savant, Chief Operating Officer, Physical Optics Corporation


Your website has to be one of the most extensive I have ever seen. Very interesting!

Mark Barth, Values & Leadership Development, Charles Luck Stone Center


I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful site with such valuable resources. I am entrepreneur myself who is trying to help out other entrepreneurs.

Bryan Kress, Host of Business On The Mound


I am a graduate student in the US and honestly, I consult this website 24/7 because it has all the information I need. Good to have this terrific site and i recommend it for every business student.

Odoom Domson


Thanks for posting so much wonderful information on your site. God Bless,

Leslie Smith, Songs of Praise


I like the ease and professionalism of your work!

Tom Scanlon, Tom Scanlon & Associates LLC


Great website ! Very inspirational!

Pam Ozsoy, Grand Canyon University


So grateful to run across your website and services.

Dee Ayoola





I applied your theory about Competitive Advantage in my graduation thesis and I got an A for that. Thank you very much!

Nguyễn Nhung




Thank you for publishing exhaustive information on various topics like Strategy, Organisation, Management, etc etc which are very informative and interesting.

Mohamed A. Salem, HSAT




I can not find a word describing my positive emotions about your site. Simply THE BEST business resource I ever dreamed about!

Zeljko Milin, DIGIMARK team manager



As a leadership trainer, I was most inspired by your e-Coach. I've just read BE MAD that truly awaken my mind to a greater level of imagination… WOW, Vadim, you are a Genius. I am glad I have connected with a great Innovator of this Century, I am truly humbled.

Dr Peter S Chikumba
Founder and Executive Director, Vision Leadership Centre (VLC)





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