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If you don't change the world, why do you exist at all?

If you stop learning,
you stop creating history and become history.

Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo VadiK

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I don't teach,
I inspire!

I teach creativity, innovation, and venturing by example





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"Vadim, you are a living super-creativity example!"


Costas Konis
Innovage Consulting
Nafpaktou 5, Latsia
Nicosia, 2221
Phone: 35799697484



Costas Konis innovation consultant Cyprus

The whole world would be better if people and organisations devoted more time to quality thinking.

Costas Konis


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Think different Break rules Create future



Karl Teille, Germany, Digitalisation and Innovation

The development of digitalization represents another milestone in the history of mankind, which is in the process of reshaping society in many parts.

Karl Teille


Marina Vorobyeva, Russia

Discover your talents, follow your dreams,
and never give up!

Marina Vorobyeva





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