By Venture Planning Associates. Used by permission

A potential investor will initially spend only 5 minutes with your plan

Business Plan DOs and DON'Ts

  1. DO keep the business plan as short as possible without compromising the description of your venture and its potential. Venture investors are NOT patient readers.

  2. DON'T over-diversify your venture. Focus attention on one or two key products or services.

  3. DON'T have unnamed, "mysterious" people on your management team. A 'Mr. G. who is CFO of XYZ, Corp.' who will join your company later.

  4. DON'T describe technical products or manufacturing processes with jargon that only an expert can understand.

  5. DON'T estimate your sales on the basis of what you can or would like to produce.

  6. DON'T make ambiguous, vague or unsubstantiated statements. Be precise about market size, rates, etc.

  7. DO involve your management team in the preparation of the business plan.

  8. DO disclose any current or potential problems with your venture... More


Investor's Questions To Be Answered by the Business Plan