Briefly about the most important things  >>>


Your Divine Creativity

You Life Mission

Create Continuously

The Creator created us
in His own likeness

‒ we are all creators!

You were born to
pursue your true passion and
make a difference.

If you stop learning,
you stop creating history and
become history.



Your Unlimited Creativity




 Drivers of Your Creativity


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Make Creativity a Habit >> Creative Dissatisfaction  ●  Lasting Inspiration

Innompic Contests  ●  Serendipity >> 10 Tips  ●  How To Create Humorous Phrases



 Creativity Techniques


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Dream Big Dreams  ●  Performing Artist  >>  Quotes

Breakthrough Thinker >> 10 Tips  ●  'Why? What If?' Questions  ●  Lateral Thinking


Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

If you love what you do, there are no difficult tasks, only creative ones.

Vadim Kotelnikov



Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools Brainstorming Brainstilling Creative Visualization Awaken Your Subconscious Power Baloon Emfographics Vadim Kotelnikov 3Bs of Strategic Creativity Vadim Kotelnikov Strategic Creativity


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Strategic Creativity  ●  Strategic Thinker >> 7 Principles  ●  Creative Visualization

Creative Problem Solving >> 6 Steps  ●  Brainstorming >> 10 Rules | SPIN



Entrepreneurial Creativity




Break the rules to see what's behind the walls and create springboards for fresh ideas.




3 Levels of Your Creativity

While conscious creativity is very important, the real power of creativity lies in the  subconscious. Divine sparks are also everywhere.  >>>

Two Creativity Catalysts

We create either for fun or under the gun. We invent because we love to do it, and we solve problems creatively because we have to do it.  >>>

Remove Barriers To Creativity

Know what prevents people from being creative and how to overcome these barriers to creativity.  >>>

3 Pillars of Creativity

Creative people love what they are doing. They are also great learners and use various creativity techniques and tools.  >>>

Find Lasting Inspiration

Inspiration is the fuel of all great creative achievements.  Your dream must be big enough to keep you excited and energized.  >>>

Nurture Creative Dissatisfaction

A creative dissatisfaction mindset will help you to constantly improve your performance and innovativeness.  >>>

Solve Problems Creatively

Change your thinking mode. Step out of your everyday shoes into the shoes of others to surface new insights to a problem.  >>>

Make Thinking Outside the Box a Habit

Nurture creative dissatisfaction with the status quo. Ask "Why? What if?" questions. Make conscious assumptions.  >>>

Think Laterally

When you look for the best solution to a problem, complement vertical thinking with lateral. Explore less likely directions.   >>>

Make Creativity a Habit

Creativity often goes by the wayside unless it is actively nourished, practiced and turned into a great habit.  >>>



Tagore quotes

God finds himself by creating.

Rabindranath Tagore

Konosuke Matsushita advice quotes

A person who can create ideas worthy of note is a person who has

learned much from others.

Konosuke Matsushita


Edward de Bono creativity advices quotes

Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities.

Edward de Bono

Thought Leader

Alan Alda quotes

Be brave enough to live life creatively.
The creative place where
no one else has ever been.

Alan Alda