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Open-Minded Attitude

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Your open-minded attitude will help you learn forward, think outside the box, keep discovering amazing opportunities, invent new things, turn failures to success, and achieve much more.

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Creativity Perpetuum Mobile

Your open-minded attitude will help you look wider, think outside the box, and see every situation as an opportunity for your creative intervention.


Creativity Perpetuum Mobile

Lateral Thinking



Vadim Kotelnikov (VadiK) inspirational speaker mind-opening joke

A mind-opening joke is a great way to begin a speech with, inspire curiosity, crate the 'Aha!' effect, and reduce psychological barriers to change.


The spring of curiosity, if experimented with, can be grown into a river of achievements. Curiosity focuses attention, fuels exploration, and leads to discoveries.




Serendipitous Discoveries

Your open-minded attitude will help you keep finding accidental sources of inspiration and keep making serendipitous discoveries.



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